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    Is this smoker any good?

    Thanks Dustin, and everyone, for the input. Yeah I'll keep it, really looking forward to it! Now I need to find some hickory/oak logs. I have a stack for the firepit but it has a lot of pine mixed in, and I can't tell the difference. Finding a local guy who knows his species hopefully will...
  2. J

    Is this smoker any good?

    I have a performer and a 18'' WSM and have enjoyed them both for years. I want to see what live fire smoking is all about. But from what Ive seen you have to shell out thousands or build your own to get a great stick burner. I think this one will be fine, I just can't believe no one has used...
  3. J

    Is this smoker any good?

    No, it has no diffuser plate, yet another mod I may have to do.
  4. J

    Is this smoker any good?

    I'm sure I could modify the stack if need be, but the door concerns me. While the rest of the smoker is thick and solid the door is thin and light weight, it also closes a bit unevenly which will let out smoke/heat. Is this a small problem or a disaster?
  5. J

    Is this smoker any good?

    There lies the problem. It was not cheap. With tax and delivery we are looking at $1000. For that kind of money I need to make sure it works properly!
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    Is this smoker any good?

    I need to tap into this forum's extensive knowledge. My wife recently bought me an offset smoker (awesome) for my 40th. But, I have never heard of this company nor can I find any reviews. Does anyone know anything about the Menard Manufacturing indirect smoker? It seems well made except the...
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    Two Pork Steaks weighing in at 2.55 lbs.

    I bought a few pork steaks for tonight thanks to your pictures. Can you give me a rundown on the cook, times and temp? Thanks
  8. J

    buckboard bacon

    I saw your post further down the page "cured pork butt", great pics and directions. This is the same I assume?
  9. J

    buckboard bacon

    Never had buckboard before, is it like ham? Do you smoke it before slicing?
  10. J

    Cold smoked salmon

    I love smoked salmon, could eat it every day. Yours looks fantastic. I've hot smoked salmon a few times (thanks to help from Wolgast) and really want to try the cold method but I am not too handy. I do have a WSM, any suggestions?
  11. J

    Good Book(s) on Sausage Making ?

    Bruce Aidells's Complete Sausage Book is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, will let you know. I have read but not used Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages by Marianski, and I liked it, tons of information.
  12. J

    Some meatballs and sauce

    Grilled meatballs, grilled sauce, and the use of cast iron: genius.
  13. J

    Dinner for one

    Quick solo dinner of marinated chuck eye with brussels,potatoes, and shallots. Quick and satisfying and only one pan to clean.
  14. J

    Bob's Bacon Made Easy

    Where is this recipe?
  15. J

    Brining A Whole Pig

    Dan, I live in Chattanooga too, when should I come over?
  16. J

    Kalbi, I love you.

    My cousin got Edward Lee's cookbook "smoke and pickles" and he thought we should try his Kalbi recipe (Korean BBQ beef short ribs). The local grocery happened to have flanken cut short ribs on sale, it was meant to be. Damn these are so good, and easy. Marinated the meat for 3 hours and on the...
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    My first sausage attempt

    After doing much reading and research on this site and others, I finally got around to making sausage. I used David Somerville's great PDF from this site for a spicy Italian recipe. It tasted very good, the texture was great. I had some difficulty about halfway through the grinding process...
  18. J

    1st HH (High Heat) Brisket -- Killer Smoke Ring (Pic Heavy)

    Boring us with pics? Nope. Great post and pics. I've cooked brisket (flats) twice and didn't like either attempt. No smoke ring, and they were tenderish but not very juicy. You have inspired me to try again. This time I'll go all in, buy the whole packer, inject, etc. At your temps that...
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    My first try at making a traditional Polish Sausage (Kielbasa)

    Dang, that last pic is fantastic.
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    Hog casings

    Thanks for all the great info. I found some 32mm casings at a local Academy Sports and picked them up. J, thanks for the technique, im still searching for a stuffer but will use your advice when i finally get one.