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    Ideas? What are you grilling this weekend?

    Grilled pizza tonight, hamburgers on Saturday, Steaks on Sunday, and pulled pork on Monday.
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    Pizza Advice

    When I first read about grilled pizza, everyone seemed to suggest heating the pizza stone in an oven that was turned up as high as you can get it, and then putting it directly over a lot of hot charcoal. I don't know what kind of stone they were using, but when I tried this method (a couple of...
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    Rotisserie Rib Roast

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, and I'm trying to figure out how to post photo's, so hopefully this works. I finally am at a place that I can barbecue and grill when I want, so hopefully I'll be able to contribute around here. I bought a six pound standing rib roast last week, it...
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    Aluminum Foil Trick

    I just went and looked. Apparently my wife has known of this for some time, but didn't inform me! I did notice though that the wax paper and parchment paper did not have these nifty tabs.
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    Rendezvous Rib Rub

    I have seen this passed around on the net quite a bit. However, if you compare this recipe to an actual container of rub from Rendezvous, it's obvious that this isn't their recipe. I used this as a base and then played around with different spices, and I think I came pretty close, but that's...
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    What's cookin for SuperBowl Weekend

    I did a brisket, pot of sausage and chicken gumbo, smoked mushroom dip with chips, and two kinds of wings, both Franks and Sriracha/Marmalade. More food than we could eat.
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    Kemore Rib Rack other uses ??

    I rolled and skewered ribs for years, and finally got a couple of rib racks. I love 'em. It doesn't "make or break" my ability to cook ribs, but for a couple of bucks, they're good to have around. For that price, buy them and try them. If you like the racks, great, if not, don't use them...
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    Weber kettle rotisserie fork replacements

    When I owned a Chargriller, I had to buy one of their rotisserie because the Weber set I had wasn't long enough. It came with four-prong forks. All the parts are interchangeable between the two brands, and I actually prefer to use the set-up from Chargriller most of the time...
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    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    I read this the other day and thought "meh, that could be good..." I had a rib roast on the WSM for Christmas dinner, and decided to throw on the mushrooms. I let them go an hour, which is too long at 350, but they were still chewy. I chopped them up well and made the dip, minus pine nuts...