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    Guru adapter fit

    I just installed my DigiQ today and had the same problem, but remembered a video I saw on You Tube. In it, the user said to seal the inside with heat sensitive tape also so that all the air comes from the bottom of the adapter. Worked for me.
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    Weber Fuel Recommendation?

    I personally prefer RO lump, but I think a lot of the bad rap that Kingsford gets comes from those who used it more than six years ago when they used a petroleum based binder which did have a nasty aroma and taste. They have modified the formula several times since then and now have an excellent...
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    Water Pan Question (This one may be a little different)

    If I am doing a butt, I strain the water into a food safe container , put it in the fridge, then skim the hardened excess fat. Then I strain it again and simmer it on the stove until it reduces by half. Makes for a great moistener for the pulled pork. Adds a good flavor also. For other cooks, I...
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    22.5 on back order form factory

    I ordered my 22 1/2 thru Lowes and it came in in nine days. They carry the 18 in the store but said they had to order 22 1/2. If you are active or retired military, Lowes is the way to go as they give a 10% military discount, and that is significant on either wsm.
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    South Carolina > Greenwood: Carolina Barbecue Carolina Barbecue fills the bill. From pulled pork to chicken to briskets to ribs. All meat is smoked on a Lang smoker for real bbq flavor and is not only tasty, but also tender. Very good real bbq. They also have very good sides and desserts...
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    Hello from Greenwood, SC

    Thanks, guys. Al, I hope you enjoy your visit to Greenwood. It is a small town, but very friendly. If you get a chance while here try the Q at Carolina BBQ. Everything is cooked with wood on a Lang smoker and it is delicious. We also have a KCBS sanctioned competition here every July.
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    First Time Smoker

    Welcome..and enjoy
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    SC Festival of Discovery

    Anyone planning on competing or attending this KCBS event in Greenwood, SC, July 11-13?
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    Hello from Greenwood, SC

    Hi everyone. I have peeked in here for a while now, and since I have used Weber for quite a while now I decided I should participate rather than just lurk. I currently have a Genesis Silver and an 18" WSM. The DW says she is getting me a 22 incher for my birthday in a few weeks, which will be...
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    Let's Go!

    New to the site and I am really excited about this. I have been using my 18 wsm about 7 years now, but DW is getting me a 22 incher for my bday on 23rd. Not sure what I will be cooking yet, but probably something that takes up space to test out the new wsm. This is gonna be fun.
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    Weber Fire Starter Cubes

    I use one to light 1/2 to a full chimney, a half to light less than that . They work well and are affordable.
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    Where are you buying your Spares?

    I usually get mine from Sams, but sometimes Costco. I always get the whole slab and trim them St. Louis style myself. It is fairly simple, saves money, and then I can smoke the trimmings for snacks.