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    Getting an offset quality bark on a WSM

    I live in Texas and brisket is king. I have an 18" and 22' WSM and usually cook my briskets on the 18 since it's the one on my back porch and it uses so much less charcoal. I do the simple Texas seasoning with liberal salt and pepper (1:3 ratio by volume), but also add a bit of Garlic of...
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    Kirkland Signature Professional Briquets

    I saw it the last time I was in the store (Humble, TX) and it was $18.99 for the two pack. I stocked up on Kingsford Profession during their last sale, so I chose to keep walking at that price. They had Cowboy lump today, but I found that stuff to be terrible. My wife doesn't like the smell or...
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    What is everyone's favorite charcoal?

    I bought a bunch of the Cowboy briquettes on clearance at Costco when they were $10 for the twin pack. I am not exactly happy with them. A lot of ash will float off of them. Plus, they don't seem to get too hot. I bought the black bag B&B Texas Size lump and the family really disliked the smell...
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    Couldn't pass up this charcoal deal at Costco today (Hanover, MD)

    I found the same deal at my local Costco this week too. I grabbed five packs. I haven't used these before, but online reviews looked good enough.
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    Getting close to Kingsford charcoal deals?

    Costco has a one week in store only deal for Kingsford Professional. Two 18 lb bags are $14.99 with a limit of three. It's three per purchase. I've never tried to buy more than three in one day, but have done it on different days. The sale starts today, 5/8.
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    First cook off in two years, got a win!

    Yes, I did.It's essentially bacon wrapped bacon jalapeno poppers.
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    First cook off in two years, got a win!

    The East Montgomery County Fair Association had their cook off this year. It was unsanctioned of course, but it still went on with the head judges coming in to volunteer their efforts. Team count was down, from the usual 110 to 82 teams. Still, that is a lot of teams. The 2019 cook of was...
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    Bought a replacement for my 13 year old WSM

    My 13 year old WSM has seen better days. There is a small hole that formed in the bottom bowl. The charcoal grate (second one) is falling apart from use. The door itself is pretty wonky and I have to wedge a seashell in the handle to keep it closed. It sits outside 24/7 in Houston weather and it...
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    My 18" WSM is showing signs of its age

    My 2006 WSM is starting to fall apart. I found a hole burned through, about 1/4" in diameter in the bowl. The charcoal grate is about to fail (the second one of the smoker's life) and the door has bent up enough (despite my efforts to fix it) that I need to wedge something into the knob to keep...
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    Picked up a partial Performer

    My neighbor moved away a few months ago and didn't want to take his Performer. He got it at one of those liquidation warehouse auctions and never ordered the missing parts. As fa as I can tell, it's missing the side table, cooking grate and charcoal bin. It's also missing the small wheels. It's...
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    Kingsford sales

    Randalls in Houston has 16 lb bags for $3.99, including the useless Mesquite and Hickory versions. They have Choice brisket packers for $1.39/lb with a $25 purchase too, limit 1.
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    Aaron Franklin Master Class

    I just picked up his book and am enjoying reading it. It makes me want to get a stick burner. As far as him getting too commercial, I don't see why he shouldn't maximize his income while he can. The restaurant business is a finicky beast and he can't put in such long days forever. At some point...
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    Kingsford sales

    It looks like Home Depot has dropped to $12.88 for the twin pack as well.
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    Kingsford sales

    Lowes - $12.88 twin pack of 20lb bags Home Depot - $14.98 Twin pack of 20 lb bags Costco - $13.99 Twin pack of 18 lb bags Kingsford Professional Walmart - $8.88 Twin pack 18 lb bags - Royal Oak Natural briquettes Sam's - $16.98 Twin pack 20 lb bags
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    Seen at Lowe's in San Jose: Tower of Charcoal

    I have two bags of KBB and one of that Embers stuff from Home Depot to last me until the Memorial Day sales. I'll go through two bags this week alone.
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    Upgrading Stoker Blower Size

    I have the 5 CFM blower motor on my 8 year old Stoker. The power wires are starting to fatigue by the blower, so so I'd figure I'd upgrade the blower size to help accommodate my 22" WSM that I acquired last year. Does anyone know the part or specs for what I assume is a 10 CFM computer fan? I...
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    Wings on a 22.5

    I got 80 something wings on mine and it was pretty much at capacity with the stock racks. Adding more racks would easily boost capacity.
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    First time burnt ends question

    I sauce, then put back on the pit for a bit to let it set. Usually for at least 30 minutes.
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    Rock's Bar-b-que has stopped selling Stoker Systems

    I eventually was able to reach on (on my fifth call). He sent me an invoice and shipped them out that day. I was able to use them yesterday.
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    Rock's Bar-b-que has stopped selling Stoker Systems

    I have left three messages so far without any contact back to me. Not exactly confident right now.