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    kettle smoking 101 ......

    I started smoking in my kettle using a method described in Weber's Charcoal Grilling. It involves placing two zones of charcoal below the hinged grates with a aluminum pan between the coals. This is a good way to make you want a WSM. It works great but requires a lot of tending to. One thing...
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    Sone Thoughts

    Why can't you foil the pan? I am a new 22.5 owner and tonight when I cleaned out the pan I told my wife, "that's it next time I foil the pan!" I was just planning on seaming some foil together and pressing it into the bowl. Yes you do clean more than most of us!
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    Foul weather smoke

    I am glad to hear all went well. Left overs are GOOD!
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    Asking for some help

    I soak my chips when smoking something on the OTG, but always dry chunks in the WSM.
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    Foul weather smoke

    Hopefully things turned out well in Toronto.
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    Foul weather smoke

    The rain died down and the wind picked up. Spent the day chasing temp. At 172 I decide to cut my fuel loses and finish the butts up in the oven at 250. Dinner was about an hour later than I had planned, but the pork turned out great. My college buddies got to eat their fill, and my wife made one...
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    Foul weather smoke

    So far getting the WSM to hold a constant temp has been a bear. Just got to stick with it....
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    Foul weather smoke

    I threw two butts on the WSM early this morning. It's raining, windy and on the cool side. The rain and cool did not bother me as much as the forecast of sustained winds over 20 with 45mph gusts. A typical Michigan fall day. Last night I did a lot of reading on TVWBB about smoking in less than...
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    High-Heat Brisket - "Bed of Onions" Question

    You should be okay with the jalapeño and spice level IF you make sure to remove both the seeds and the white/light green membrane in the pepper that holds the seeds in place. That is where the heat is. Be careful with other peppers as they can have heat that is not so tamable. I have been...
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    High-Heat Brisket - "Bed of Onions" Question

    I just did something like that, see the My First Chuckie thread. It turned out great for me. The onions will add to the moisture in the foil too.
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    My first Chuckie

    They turned out great! I rubbed them with: 2 T fresh ground black pepper 1 T garlic powder 1 T oregano 1 tsp marjoram 1 tsp celery seed 1 tsp ground coriander 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp cayenne For an over night stay in the fridge. The next day I rubbed them with 3T of Kosher salt. As of...
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    My first Chuckie

    So my younger brother flew in last night from a year long assignment in Mexico. My wife and I are throwing him a welcome home party and what says America more tha BBQ? He's not big on pork, so barbecue beef it is. Kroger had a two for one sale so I picked up 9.5# of chuck@ $2.50/#. I am working...
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    A grill is a terrible thing to waste!

    There's no account for taste or sense. I've got to say the divorce angle is the only way to make sense of it.
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    Getting ready for 1st smoke on WSM

    When ever I have had to add charcoal during the smoke it has always been a bumpier ride than going with a full load of charcoal. The pouring the water down an angle is a decent method. I have a metal watering can with a long spout. Good luck!
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    results of my first competiton

    Fantastic story! My brother and I have just started a comp team. It would be great if our kids shared in the experience too!
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    First Butt cook or first Butt/Brisket cook?

    I like going with the butts over brisket. My feeling is any way you can get double duty out of your pork fat is a good thing! When I have done that I foiled the brisket three or four hours into the cook.
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    Bone In Butt

    I have always flown with the bone in. How much does the boneless weigh typically? Does it cost more per pound. All this talk has made this Costco member curious.
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    Which WSM should Santa bring?

    I have the 22. I did a whole turkey with plenty of room to spare. I am not sure how a full on Thanksgiving sized bird might fit in the 18. My point being I think the 18 will have plenty of room to cook for two. With regard to performance I have never read anything on this site suggesting a...
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    Brinerated pork chops

    Sounds great! I need to try this. Thanks!
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    Talk me into (though too) rebuilding my old Genisis

    CL is also an option. Just don't step down to a generic POS. You will be out 200-300 and have a grill that cooks unevenly and dies in five or six years.