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    Weber tool hanger on a 18.5” WSM

    Yeah mine took a little bit of bending but it’s been shockingly useful for setup, cooking, and cleaning the rig
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    Weber tool hanger on a 18.5” WSM

    Here’s one of the grates hanging off the side
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    Weber tool hanger on a 18.5” WSM

    I’ve had a Weber tool hanger laying around that I really wanted some use for. It didn’t fit my new MT and the MT didn’t really need it since it has tool hook handles. I finally got the courage to tackle it with some pliers and vice grips and made it work. The biggest benefit I’ve found though is...
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    How much charcoal for a chicken cook?

    22" kettle. I will be using my char baskets but I am thinking I will be setting them together in the center rather then the outside though as my MT has the gourmet center that I can always remove.
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    How much charcoal for a chicken cook?

    I've really ventured into the charcoal game the last few years. I learned on a gasser which obviously helps with the basics but doesn't really have any skill and after loving my WSM so much I've started venturing into charcoal grilling. That said, as someone who doesn't store their grill outside...
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    Giving up your gasser?

    I don't think I could not have a gasser in my arsenal. It's admittedly my least favorite option, but it tends to be the one used the most. Why? Because of convenience. Currently working on restoring an old genesis, but for now I have a 22" kettle, and a WSM as well.
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    Genesis on sale at Home Depot $480

    I dealt with this with kettles. Got a great deal on a new master touch and the internet experts kept telling me used is the way to go. Used is all base model junkers for $50. The only used master touch in my area is the one I am parting with. Maybe down south they’re everywhere and cheap but not...
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    Pellets on WSM?

    I'd imagine if you did a smoker tube full, you could use it for cold smoking stuff like cheese.
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    Scored a new MT today!

    I have a 96 MT that I restored about 2 years ago that I'm sure a few of you have possibly seen me post about. Well sadly, as good as it's been to me, the one touch sweep is showing signs of wear and tear and as it's the old design, I can't exactly just buy a new one and call it a day without...
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    smoking in 0° weather - not a problem - beef ribs for xmas!

    Yeah I actually found these all at walmart of all places did a pack of each and I'll see which ones I prefer in the end.
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    2020 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    We're almost to the drawing!!!! i can't wait to see the winners
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    smoking in 0° weather - not a problem - beef ribs for xmas!

    Well i just finished up my smoking session on a set of beef ribs. I am cheating and finishing in the oven, but they were up to 185ish on the smoker and realistically didn't have much left. I got them on around 8am (fired up the coals around 7) and despite some hiccups with my fireboard (it...
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    What is best controller for WSM?

    Love my FireBoard drive 2. Yeah the WSM doesn’t take much work but it’s awesome to set up ribs and leave them for 3 hours while I play some video games, and then only have to spritz an hour. Best of both worlds
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    Worth it?

    I definitely don't have pics but I know if you use the rib ring as Chris posted that'll get you up to 6 on the top rack alone which then gives space for 2-3 on the lower rack depending how you set it up. If you use the "crappy" $16 weber rib rack, as I use, you can do 4 racks up top (3 uncut 1...
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    So i've been using it this morning and there's a few things to note. 1) the magnet holder isn't very strong in terms of magnetic pull. but 2 the fireboard is very hefty which means finding a true magnet mount in the same way you'd use a digiq as an example is going to be difficult. Currently I...
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    Auto temp control WSM 14.5 w/ Fireboard and BBQ Guru Pit Viper

    yes. from what i've been told it should fit that cable.
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    What is best controller for WSM?

    I've been using a partyq with decent luck but since it was barebones it was missing a lot of what i wanted. After a lot of research and deliberation i settled on a fireboard2 with a pitviper fan. the unit is wifi and up to 30 hours of batterly life with a rechargeable batter which means i can...
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    14" center section damaged in a move- Upgrade options??

    I don’t know how easily you can find something more durable. However you could do the measurements to see if a miniwsm/14.5” hybrid is possible since all you need is the center portion anyway
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    well i'm out lol. Turns out their cyber monday deal includes a free magnetic mount and their service team, becaues my order was placed last night, was willing to let me in on the action. so i'm just going that route for now.
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    PartyQ available - Upgrading my system

    Obviously if outside of MN I'd have to figure out shipping but I should have a PartyQ available for sale soon once my pit viper and fireboard2 show up. Honestly it's been a great unit and I've only used it a handful of times, but the new setup will give me everything I want and more and I'd hate...