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    Automatic Blower system for WSM?

    I use the BBQ Guru Digiq. It is fantastic!!! It makes the WSM about as "set it and forget it" as it can be.
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    Thanksgiving part 2

    We just tried the Cornish Game Hens with Peach Glaze that's on this site. I used apricot jam instead of peach because I had it on hand. I also put the hens in a gallon freezer bag, added olive oil and then a generous amount of the recipe's rub and let this marinate about 4 hours before putting...
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    Thinking of trying WSM 18 without water. Maybe sand, clay plate, or empty pan

    I currently use a Napoleon Apollo 300, which is very similar to the WSM. Regarding the water pan in the WSM, what is the approximate distance between the outside edge of the water pan and the smoker? To put it another way, what is the outside diameter of the water pan, where it sits in the...