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    Carbon steel wok recommendations?

    I have several Made-In Blue Carbon Steel pans, really like them. Their Wok is very well made.
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    any buyers remorse of e6 summit purchase when compared to other weber kettles?

    No. Great grill and smoker with increased capacit.
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    Kamado drip/water pan

    I am getting ready to smoke my first brisket on my new Summit Kamado tomorrow. On the WSM I filled a water pan below the rack. Was wondering if people put drip pans below the rack on the Kamado and fill with water. Thanks
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    Summit Kamado Double grill grate suggestions

    Was wondering what is being used to make a double decker upper grill grate on the Summit Kamado grill to get more into the smoker. Thanks, Mitch
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    Red Weber Performer

    Just curious, I have decided to sell my Red Weber Performer with SS cart. Wondering what is a good price to list for. Was thinking of $250. It is in excellent working condition with an area of paint loss around 5” by 1.5” from an icicle encounter. Thanks
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    Favorite Smoke Wood for Turkey

    Pecan for me as well.
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    18.5 2001 WSM replacement door ?

    Thanks Chris
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    18.5 2001 WSM replacement door ?

    My door on my 2001 18.5 WSM is kaput. It has the round knob for closure that has fallen apart from the latch. Can I just get a replacement with the handle or do I need a door for a “pre 2008” model. Thanks
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    Amex - Shop Small, spend $10 get $5 cashback

    Thanks for the heads up on this great offer. 👍
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    Leaky hose and regulator

    I had this happen to me. When I unscrewed from the propane tank and looked at the threads in the tank there was metal chip in the inside threads that let gas Flow around. Undo the threads and inspect the tank threads.
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    Lodge Skillet Needs a Little Help

    KE, FYI I have bought Griswolds in what people have perceived as ”poor condition“ for as low as $2 at garage sales and reconditioned them to seasoned as new for total cost of less than $10. These have become favorite every day cookware for my family.
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    Lodge Skillet Needs a Little Help

    I have been lucky to find several old Griswold and Wagner cast iron skillets and assorted cookware at garage sales and have developed a system to recondition them. They are very different than the more modern Lodge skillets. They are light and smooth surfaced. I would recommend you hunt for...
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    Moving w/WSM

    I just bungeed corded them in the back of my pickup truck wrapped in blankets and drove. Beverly Hillbilly style. 5 grills. Went great.
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    How old is your WSM?

    I have an 18 from ~2000. Works
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    It's a go in the snow

    No hate here. Have a great Thanksgiving enjoy your time with family.
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    Turkey seems to be cooking fast

    Go with it take it off when the breast is 160 and the thigh 180. Let it rest and it will be delicious. Especially if you brined it. Hard to overlook a well brined bird if you stick to the temps.
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    It's a go in the snow

    15.5 lb Empire apple honey brine turkey is in the smoker with maple and pecan wood in the snow here in northern NJ. It's a white Thanksgiving. This is my 13th year smoking a bird for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Mitch
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    Whole Turkey - slow and low or not?

    300-350 wide open vents 2 1/2 - 3 hour smoke every year for 10 years. Great results, my family will not let me do it any other way.
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    What did I buy

    Alright how do I link Picasa photos.