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    Apple Juice brine time 1/2 that of honey?

    I see the brining time for the apple juice brine is 24 hours and the honey is 48 hours. I was going to try the apple this year as I’ve been doing the honey. Its a 25# turkey. Should I stick with the 24 or would I be safe to go 48. I’m kind of leaning towards a day and a half. Would appreciate...
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    Trying spares for the first time

    I don't foil anything. Shoot for 275 without any water in the pan. Just adjust your lower vents until you hit it. Love how it renders the fat at that temp even though I know 225-250 is much more traditional. Got it from a recipe in one of my cook books and just love the results. I seem to be...
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    cook time for a six butt cook?

    I'm doing my first six butt cook, any idea what I can look at for a done time? How much more time do you add for each additional butt other that one? Thanks guys really appreciate it.
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    bbq fundraiser

    beans are really easy and cheap. Do you think It would be worth offering a homemade side?
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    6 butt cook

    I'm going to cook 6 whole shoulders in the wsm minion style. Those of you out there who have done a 6 butt cook before could you give me some pointers, and an approximate cooking time? Thank you
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    bbq fundraiser

    My 3 year old daughter was given a scholarship to go to a local preschool. The one I went to when I was a boy in fact. I would like to attempt to pay them back for their help, and was thinking of being a food vendor with all proceeds going to them at a local octoberfest/homebrew competition...
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    Favortie pulled pork recipe?

    Mine so far would have to be a nice well rounded rub featuring some earthy spice like thyme. Applied thick on a Boston Butt. Refrigerated over night and cooked at 250*-275* until I hit 190*. Then a nice vinegar, or vinegar ketchup sauce and a pile of coleslaw, french fries, all on a cheap light...
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    Just a rib observation

    I do my ribs at 275. They come out fantastic after 4-5 hours. I use the tear test
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    Don't think I will use water again

    I haven't used water in a while. I just regulate my dampers and get where I want, better range of temps that way too imo.
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    Brisket Quandary

    My two cents. 1 trim or untrimmed there is enough marbling throughout that it makes little difference. 2 fat cap up or down makes little difference because its not over coals. Its in an oven so to speak. the heat is around it, not over or under it. 3 I like mustard. Its water based so won't add...
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    Things you hate about BBQ....

    Love everyone's comments. I hate driving past a fundraiser bbq and seeing a dude who is clueless manning the pit. CLOSE THE FING LID DUDE! Or going over to someones house who is clueless when it comes to cooking. I too hate the cleanup but my dishwasher is a god send. I hate that my wife is the...
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    Would smoking a USDA Select brisket be a waste of time?

    Andrew I've never done brisket successfully so take my advice at that. Barbecue was started by folks who had little money and had to make the best out of the scraps so to speak. If you cook it right it doesn't matter what the grading was. I've ruined plenty of prime steaks.
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    Barbecue restaurant oportunity

    Everyone here is just awesome! I love this community. I really do appreciate everyone's advice and will go into this as objectively as possible. I have some what talked myself into this already as Jim pointed out. I just believe in the American dream. I want to be one of those people who love...
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    Barbecue restaurant oportunity

    Tim-not part of a union. No contract with employer as well
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    Barbecue restaurant oportunity

    Thanks for all the input everyone. Currently it is a weekend only bbq and bar so to speak. He wants to make it full time. He wants me to come up with the menu and prepare the food. I live in a town of 4000 people if that gives you some info. Its just planning at the moment. I don't know what...
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    Barbecue restaurant oportunity

    I was approached by a local businessman who owns a bbq restaurant to basically run it for him. By that I mean come up with the menu, cook the food. That's about it. Not manager or anything. Pretty small restaurant also. I couldn't be more excited about the prospect. I love cooking, and bbq has...
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    Yes its grey. Sorry the pics are crappy. I might take some more tonight and see how they turn out. No pat. numbers on vent. Just says Bar-B-Q Kettle and Weber-Stephen products Co, Arlington Heights, ILL. Has some pretty good dents on lid. Just had to get it. Its an antique. Love old webers!
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    I rescued this Bar-B-Kettle at a yard sale today for 5 bucks. Only needs a top grate. Any thoughts on how to determine its age, or idea of its age? Restoration ideas would be appreciated also. Neat old grill. Dig the metal handles. Thanks!
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    One Touch Platinum vs Performer

    Here is my 2 cents. I Don't own either. But I do have a 22 1/2 kettle. I had this same dilemma with a bday present for my brother. I wound up going with the 26.75 kettle. I Did this for several reasons. 1 are tables that big of a concern to you? If so you could come up with one and sit it next...
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    12 whole chickens (pictures)

    Steven O - sorry it took me so long to get back to you. To answer your questions 1. Yes its the best chicken I have ever had. Whole that is. Different than brined for sure. Amazing what it does. Don't let it go for more than 2 hours though. Thats the magic number. 2. No unfortunately it has to...