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    Help with my outdoor BBQ area

    Looking good this all set up I think because I didn't make any out side barbecue grill experiment ever.. So I think its all fine you can easily enjoy you outside BBQ with the same setup.. Have a great mind..Cheer..
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    I just ordered a new kitchen faucet

    Looking so cool..great order you have for your kitchen Its make your kitchen more beautiful.. Love to see this of luck..
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    Knife Recommendation...

    Every person have there great suggestion and the experiences as well .I just get a deal from eBay this last month for the kitchen knife in $9.99..Knife blades and handles are all in excellent condition. Scissors have some cracking on the handle..its German made kitchen knife set..
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    BBQ Chicken and Ribs

    No doubt have a excellent work done cooking is the most difficult depart.. But you have done this so nicely and with the great food combination great work .. Looking yummy..
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    Turkey Burgers

    You have a great dish, I think it will make my body more fat if I will try to make this for myself..Anyway you have a great work done.. Where did you find this dish? Had you any visit for Turkey..?
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    Nice idea

    I love to eat chicken specially in roast shape...But due to the diet and weight loosing purpose I can't eat this.. Looking for the best and doing allot of exercise for the weight loss.. Soon I will be able to eat this all..
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    New toy!!!

    Great cooking but I want to know that about the white meter which you have set on the grill it that showing that cooking heat temperature..? If yes so how does it work..? tell me that it will be really appreciated..
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    Childhood favorite

    hmmm I really don't know about this dish and have not any experince with this taste but this time its looking so delicious I love to see this..May I take one bite please..great dish..
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    Anything wrong?

    I just had my single experience with my new grill just some days ago. I try to bake kebab on my new grill But I become totally confused due to fire kebabs.
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    Burnt Kabobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so nice you have in pics but I think it all depend on grill's heat and also depend on your interest. some people just like to eat this but some people like to bake first and then eat. You have also very nice and comfortable stand and slides grill for this. commercial scales
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    The best pork chop!

    Wow you are right the chop is looking really awesome that weight is also good enough weight for one meal. But looking more awesome and charm after to bake. This pics making me really excited to make something like this.which you have in those pics. commercial scales
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    My Next Grill....Advice Please

    If you are looking for a new grill for your home use I don't know what kind of help you are looking. But if you have help regarding buying any other new grill so I suggest you you can buy my grill which I have its really in new condition if you want to take any more information simple replay the...
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    Hello from jam

    I am jam and I am just 23 years old here new in this form to take some good information. I hope it would be the best decision for me. And you all guys will cooperate with me.