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    Missouri > Kirkwood: Richard's Ribs (CLOSED)

    I believe this restaurant is now closed.
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    Emulsified sausages, tasso, and buckboard

    Those sausages look good. I was reading that recipe in Charcuterie. I keep thinking about having the Weisswurst with a pretzel, sweet mustard, and a German beer.
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    Snapshots of my St Pat's Day lunch

    That corned beef looks really good! Bob, I have lived in the St. Louis area my entire life and have never seen a Cedar Waxwing....pretty cool.
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    Missouri > St. Louis: Bogart's Smokehouse I tried Bogart's Smokehouse today. They are located across the street from St. Louis' historical Soulard Market just south of the downtown area. I had a Prime Rib sandwich with potato salad and chips as my sides. I also purchased a slab of baby back ribs as carry...
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    Minion method struggles

    I live in the very humid Mississippi River valley and I have noticed that charcoal is slow to build heat if the bag of charcoal was stored exposed to the high humidity. I believe the briquets absorb the humidity making it hard to light and slow to spread until the heat produced dries out the...
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    Making my 1st pancetta - sort of.

    I just read the article. There is a funny comment at the bottom.....I didn't know there was a bacon eating season either. I wonder when it is?? BTW....I already applied the cure to the belly I just bought. I used the maple sugar/maple syrup/ salt/pink salt mix. Flip for the next seven days...
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    Making my 1st pancetta - sort of. is $2.99/lb. I bought 1 belly. Global is less expensive.
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    Making my 1st pancetta - sort of.

    I phoned Hansen's today and they were going to contact their supplier for a price. He is supposed to call me back. I'll update this post when I receive the info.
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    Making my 1st pancetta - sort of.

    Bob....I can't remember. I will phone them tomorrow and let you know.
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    Making my 1st pancetta - sort of.

    Branon.......I know this would be a drive for you (I'm guessing around 40 miles), but Hansen Packing Meats in Jerseyville, IL can get you all the belly you need. Just call them and they'll work with you. I bought 50 lbs there last year and they had my order and several hundred pounds for...
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    1st Go on Pork Steaks.......

    Yes they are very good and inexpensive. Only $0.97/lb in the current St. Louis Schnucks advertisement.
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    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Doug D...I like salmon dips as well. I have a question.....I could probably figure out quickly on my own, but since you are handy....qty salmon...8oz?
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    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    I made this dip today.....followed the recipe exactly sans the pine nuts as Doug D posted that he has stopped using them. My wife and mother enjoyed the dip. I had printed out the recipe for easier viewing and I noticed that my wife now has the recipe on the refrigerator with a magnet so that...
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    I'm about ready to give up on skin-on BBQ chicken

    St. Louis has snoot for sure. This place is supposed to be pretty good but I have not tried it yet.
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    Recipe Request for Olive Oil Drizzle

    Great!...thanks for the help Kevin.
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    Recipe Request for Olive Oil Drizzle

    I have some toasted crusty bread and I would like to drizzle seasoned olive oil over it for a starter. Does anyone have a recipe for making good seasoned olive oil? I had some in an Italian restaurant in St. Louis but didn't ask about it then. I was thinking about it today and would like to try...
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    where to get fresh side/ pork belly

    Last weekend I purchased two pork bellies (see photos of one bellyPhotos. I used the Ruhlman and Polcyn maple cure. Each belly was cut crosswise into 4 approximately 3lb pieces. This morning completed 7 days of curing so I smoked them on the WSM. It took about 5 hours for the smoke. Smoker...
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    where to get fresh side/ pork belly

    Thank you for the input guys. I'll let you know how it turns out....I haven't decided on the curing method yet. I will let you know what I decide....may have to wait until next weekend to make my trip to Jerseyville, IL to purchase the belly.
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    where to get fresh side/ pork belly

    I am going to try making bacon soon and found a packing company near my location that sells pork fresh side. Used the search feature on this BB and this thread turned up which answered my question "Is pork fresh side the same as pork belly?" Thank you Kevin K. The packer wants $3.29/lb which...
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    BBQ joints in Southern IL and also St Louis area

    If you are going for one BBQ place in St. Louis I would have to suggest Pappy's Smokehouse in the 3000 block of Olive just west of downtown St. Louis. Rick you agree?