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    Turkey Jerky

    Anyone have a turkey jerky recipe they use? I did a search on here but didn't come up with anything.
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    5lb Boston Butt, how long?

    Thanks guys. They'll be going on tonight.
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    5lb Boston Butt, how long?

    I have 2 5lb bone in boston butts that I am going to smoke this weekend. I've heard 1.5 hours per pound. So 8 hours? I have people coming over at 3 tomorrow so I'm thinking of putting them on at 6AM? Thoughts?
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    Looking for the bottom 17" grate

    I lost my bottom grate on my 18" WSM and was wondering if anyone knew where I could order one online? I checked the Weber store but it's closed for maintenance. It's the 17" grate just above the water pan that I'm looking for. Thanks.