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    Pork Burnt Ends

    At 6:50 of the video, he mentions "burping" the kettle to release the old stale smoke every couple of hours. Very interesting, I was taught (from this forum) to be patient and not remove the WSM dome once the smoking starts. With the vent open, there is a continuous flow of smoke and he seems...
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    To Grind or Not to Grind

    I have never tried grinding or sifting turbinado. I use it right out of the bag for everything and substitute it for white or brown sugar. I took awhile for the kids to get used to brown lemonade but you can't beat the taste. 😀 I don't have problems with it separating out of dry rubs.
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    Is my Boston Butt done yet?

    Yup. I use an ET-732. When it hits this temp, I use a Thermapen to confirm temp but tenderness is the final test. If the probe goes through easy like a hot knife through butter, then it is rest time.
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    What do you clean the grate with?

    On total impulse, I just bought 2 Great Scrape paddles at Costco for $19.95 ea. On Amazon Prime, they sell for $33.93 right now. I have not been around much lately (I had to replace both frigs the last 4 months) and was looking for any critiques of the Great Scrape... Instead of metal wire...
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    How Much Water?

    I used water for the first 4-5 smokes when I got my WSM. A big problem for me living in a subdivision is what do I do with all of the grease water? I can't put it down the drain because the grease will clog your main drain over time. I can't toss it in my .20 acre yard because it will attract...
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    BBQ Hash

    Hi Wayne, I promise not to share the recipe but can you please answer a few questions: 1. How much water at the start? Do you keep adding water until the meat breaks down? 2. It is a constant stir? 3. You cooked it in your WSM in a Dutch oven at 250-275 F. Is this the dome temp or the grate...
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    Smoke, Food Seal & Freeze Bone-In Chicken Halves?

    Very interesting! I assume it is cooked rice? Do you cover the skillet with a lid or foil? How long? So I bought a Costco 2-pack of fryers, watched Chris' video to brush up on butterflying birds and cooked them on my gasser yesterday morning. I sealed them up and put three of the halves in the...
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    Smoke, Food Seal & Freeze Bone-In Chicken Halves?

    Thank you gentlemen for the reassurance. I will smoke some halves this weekend. :-)
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    Smoke, Food Seal & Freeze Bone-In Chicken Halves?

    Has anyone tried freezing freshly smoked butterflied chicken halves? My kids love my smoked halves but making them to order during the week is problematic. My thought is to smoke 2-3 butterflied wholes halves on a weekend then seal in Food Saver bag and freeze. I know this works boneless...
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    Redneck Biscuit n Gravy Casserole

    Looks great Matt. Now I'm hungry. Questions. Are the hash browns the Ore-Ida pre-cooked just heat up type or did you slice and dice a few potatoes? How long over the coals? Thanks again. :-)
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    Pretty stiff premium. Jack of all trades, master of none? The suggested retail price(s) are a niche price point for the rich or the stud outdoor cook that "wants" a shiny toy. However it would be nice to gain back some shed and patio space by having less Weber toys.
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    Any Users? The Field Skillet: Lighter, Smoother Cast Iron

    I saw this Kickstarter video...
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    Recommendations for Sauce Using Ketchup?

    Hi Chuck, thanks for the suggestion. Honey & molasses? These are not regular staples in my pantry but I can borrow a small amount from my neighbor to try this out. Maybe I can add more rum instead of molasses? :-) Hi Bob, I've made and like #5 quite a bit.
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    Recommendations for Sauce Using Ketchup?

    Hello, Any recommendations for a tangy/mild sauce using ketchup? I bought a 44 oz bottle the other night and discovered that I had a unopened bottle in the pantry. My kids are partial to Sweet Baby Ray's Original which I spice up a bit with a modified Henley rub. The only other requirement...
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    Why does Boston Butt cook faster in the oven?

    Pros/Cons to the dutch oven approach. Where is the bark? Would you trim down the butt so there is no fat cap? There will still be a lot of grease remaining that can be drained easily. Lots of things to consider. After I smoke butts, I pan, cover with foil then rest for at least a hour. By...
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    18" or 24" Pink butchers paper

    Yup. I bought a 24" roll with the stand last year. I have not used it to BBQ yet but I do use it to line trays, used it in place of parchment paper to bake, wrap sandwiches/wraps and my kids use a small pieces for class assignments. Chris, have you made a video showing how to wrap a whole packer?
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    Question on Heat Sinks

    This is one of those never-ending debates similar to using UV/Haze filters on cameras lenses. No wrong or right answer of than YMMV and past performance is not and indicator of future results. I used both water and a foil lined 16" clay saucer inside a foil wrapped water bowl. I really could...
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    Is it possible to smoke 4 small briskets in the large WSM?

    Four 12# full packers can fit. I cooked two briskets (12.5 & 10.7 #s trimmed) in my 22.5 WSM. You will need to place them on their edge in the beginning. As they cook and shrink, you will be able to place them flat on the racks. You could foil the flat edge that extends past the water pan to...
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    This Does Not Sound Good

    "... The organization defines processed meat as any type of meat that is salted, cured or smoked to enhance its flavor or preserve it. Processed meat generally contains pork or beef, but may also contain poultry..." Moderation and regular physical activity are key. Having said that, it ****es...
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    The CI Broiling/Serving Pans in the Featrued Cooking Topic?

    Thanks for the input all. I apply the "Buy Once/Cry Once" philosophy when I obtain high dollar photography equipment. I pulled the trigger on two Lodge Fajita sets with wooden base and potholder. Maybe my kids will want all of the CI pans in 20 years when I downsize.