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    Shrimp and Salmon Terrine

    Could you post the recipe for this please? I haven't got the book you mention - and I bet it is hard to find here in the UK!
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    OK, here in the UK I don't even know what an ABT is?! What do the letters stand for?
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    Cobb grill and smoker

    I bought one to use on my narrow boat. It worked brilliantly - but was such a pain to clean up after that I sold it on eBay and bought a Weber go anywhere (is that the name? rectangular grill - excellent). The Cobb is like a little oven and does do what it claims - 2+ hours cooking using 6...
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    Smoked Chopped Liver

    That sounds really great. I love to make pate; always with some pork and pork fat, and usually with some chicken or duck liver. The idea of adding a smoke flavour is pure genius!
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    Just bought a Go Anywhere

    The legs are certainly the weak point but the little clip does firm them up a bit. Next time I use it I shall have a direct and indirect heat area - but I was impressed overall. I'm wondering about buying a 2cnd one to use at home - those times when I'm only cooking for two and the big kettle...
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    Just bought a Go Anywhere

    We used it yesterday for the 1st time - on the side of the canal! I had forgotten the chimney starter so lit 3 lighters and put briquettes on top - it took quite a while to get going! However, the chicken and sausages were super - light smoke and very good results. It was still going strong so...
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    Just bought a Go Anywhere

    It was 50% off in a garden centre - they have another 7 - I am tempted to buy ALL of them - and then eBay the others - or give them as presents !!!
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    Just bought a Go Anywhere

    Any tips on how to use it? For example, the slides along the side obviously cover (or not) the ventilation holes. Is it best to cover the ones facing the wind and leave the others open? Or leave both lots open and regulate temps from the lid vents? Or have the long slides half closed (or fully...
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    Weber go anywhere

    Hi. I've just bought a go anywhere grill to use on my narrow boat. I've got a smoker mountain and a standard one touch gold. Any advice about using the go anywhere? Can I do indirect grilling on it? Do I use little foil trays? Any suggestions most welcome - I hope to use it this weekend when I...
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    WSM running at low temps

    Trying again tomorrow and I'll follow the same routine - using lump this time and again, no cork on the thermo! I love this thing! Andrew
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    WSM running at low temps

    Well, yesterday I tried again - lit some charcoal in the WSM and added a full chimney of lit when it was all alight. No cork on the thermometer, door slightly ajar at first and the WSM ran at 350 easily - I even had to half close two of the vents in the base to stop it getting hotter. So, many...
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    WSM running at low temps

    UDS?! IOW?! Heck - a whole new language! I'll try these various tips and I'm sure I'll crack it. Thanks, guys. Andrew
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    WSM running at low temps

    OK, I'll try the chimney 80% lit, crack the door open a bit if needed - and stop sticking my thermometer, through the top vent - it is stuck in a cork and presumably reduces the air flow by 33%. I'll have to find another way of propping the therm in there! Thanks for the replies - I'll give it...
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    WSM running at low temps

    Hi. Two days running I've tried to cook at a high temperature on my WSM. I was aiming for around 350° F but I had really hard work persuading it to get over around 280°. I was using a full chimney of briquettes the first day; second I used a full chimney of lump. Empty water pan, foiled, and...
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    Arroz Rossejat en Paella a la WSM

    This sounds great - certainly something I'm going to try! Andrew
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    Leg of Lamb on OTG

    Lamb! My favourite! It looks great. Andrew
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    Weber thermometer problem

    Replacing batteries this weekend - I'm sure you are right and this will work! Thanks, Andrew
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    Weber thermometer problem

    Hi. I tend to use a Weber thermometer when I'm cooking in my WSM - one of the ones which has a probe into the meat, a metal sort of wire going to a round transmitter and a remote temperature gauge. It has been great for a couple of years. The last twice I've used it, the temperature readout has...
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    Oh my, Meatloaf !

    For us in the UK, what are saltines??! Andrew
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    Stick Blender

    I like the Dualit stick blender - lovely looking thing and nice hand feel too. Andrew