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  1. Chuck Simon

    New toy

    My kids gave me a 12" Victorinox slicing knife for Father's Day. My neighbor told my wife about it and said he could get a great deal on them. I love it!
  2. Chuck Simon

    Pork butt question: meaning to ask for a while...

    I pull, sprinkle with rub and let it sit. It is rare that I eat pulled pork right after I pull it. I usually wait a few hours or even the next day. Besides after smelling the smoke all day, I don't even want to eat it when it's done. :)
  3. Chuck Simon

    What would you do? :)

    Thank you for everyone's input! I really appreciate it!
  4. Chuck Simon

    You're filling your propane tanks right, not exchanging?

    The Menards by my house started filling the tanks. It is cheaper and they give you a full 20 lbs. It still cost me almost $20 to fill it though. The one time the lady told me that she could fill my one tank this time, but it is the last time. She said there is a date stamped on it and they can...
  5. Chuck Simon

    My daughter's photo of her brother

    Definitely a nice shot!
  6. Chuck Simon

    What would you do? :)

    Hey Tim, how's it going buddy? Did you smell all the smoke coming from my house? I was outside cooking for 19 hours straight. Once I finished one thing, I started another. I am wiped out!!! Thanks again everyone! I like seeing everyone's responses. The people I made the pork for are not super...
  7. Chuck Simon

    What would you do? :)

    Thank you for all of your input. I have smoked stuff for family and not charged them anything. I have never charged anyone before. I usually just make a bunch and share with all of my friends. The fact that they had asked if I wanted to make some extra cash and then asked me to smoke them some...
  8. Chuck Simon

    When to add the meat

    L I do the same. I don't want to waste an hour worth of fuel or cook time. Also once you hit your temp, it will fluctuate again once you open the lid and put the meat on so you have to mess with the vents again. JMHO. :)
  9. Chuck Simon

    What would you do? :)

    Hey everybody! I have a quick question. One of my friends asked if I would smoke them a pork shoulder for pulled pork. I happily agreed to do it. They went and bought a 9 lb shoulder. They brought it over and then told me to let them know how much they owe me. I was going to ask for $30. My wife...
  10. Chuck Simon

    The great bark debate

    Hello everyone! I am in a BBQ group on FB. The other day someone posted a pic of their smoked shoulder and it was black. A bunch of guys were giving him grief about how he had burned it. I stuck up for the poor guy because every time I make pork shoulder, it looks the same way. It is nice and...
  11. Chuck Simon

    Introduction and a few brisket questions

    Hi Jim! Welcome! Sorry your brisket didn't turn out as expected for you. As everyone said, you pulled it off too soon. Use the internal temp as a guideline but the true test of doneness is tenderness. You can check it with the temp probe resistance or by doing the spaghetti spin method. Stick a...
  12. Chuck Simon

    Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

    Excellent job there!!!
  13. Chuck Simon

    Roti turkey breast.

    NICE!!! You guys are making me really want to get a rotisserie!
  14. Chuck Simon

    Oak Smoked Choice Rib Roast

    You made my mouth water with this one! Everything looks great!
  15. Chuck Simon

    Pork Loin. Poor Execution, but great flavor.

    I'd still eat it. Looks great to me!!!
  16. Chuck Simon

    First Chicken on new WSM 18" [Pic heavy]

    Oh wow! Those look mighty tasty!!!!
  17. Chuck Simon

    Country Style Ribs

    I have only made CSRs one time. After seeing this post, I am going to make another go at it. Great job Bill!
  18. Chuck Simon

    Dreary Day After Playoff Win Burgers And Ribs!

    Looking great Phil!!!
  19. Chuck Simon

    Weber..... The Product.

    I am not much of a trash talker. I don't argue Cubs over Sox, Bears over Packers, iPhone over Galaxy, but I sure as heck will argue with anyone about how great my Weber products are over other brands. I guess the first two things I mentioned aren't really worth arguing over since they both...
  20. Chuck Simon

    How many coals to start for spare ribs?

    I used to leave the top vent open all the time. I read Soo's method and it made sense to me. I tried using it and had issues controlling my temps, so I went back to leaving the top vent wide open and started adjusting the bottom vent to control my air flow.