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    How Many Pounds Can You Get on a 22?

    I am going to be doing the same here in the next week or so. I am planning on doing pork then freezing till the day. I have put 4 butts on a 22" rack on a regular basis. I don't think 5 is a possibility unless you put them on their side, which I have not ever tried. Will be smokin meatloafs the...
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    Difference between a packer and a flat?

    I get my packers at wally world. Sams here has flats and over trimmed at that. Last year I was in at sams and asked if they would order me a case of packers and went on to ask why they did not stock packers. The year before they got packers every once in a while. They said they didn't order in...
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    Set it and forget it, a brother's got to sleep

    I haven't used water since the piedmont pan surfaced however many years ago. Later I built my own 22" smoker based off a weber kettle. I found the plans here called the magnum. I used the same configuration of double pans spaced out. Later I took out the second pan and used a clay saucer in the...
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    Favorite Mustard For Bratwurst

    Good news! Jungle Jims was listed on Silver Springs website as selling their mustard. My daughter made it to district championship swimming at Miami university. Which happens to be about 3/4ths the way to jungle jims. After the swimming was over we went and picked up some mustard. I picked up...
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    Last cook with my standard Kingsford charcoal

    I think trader joe's is still selling rancher. Man I love that stuff. I wish one of the big chains would sell it again. I do have a trader joe's but it isn't worth the drive since the price is up there. I did buy a bag the last time I was there. I am thinking they wanted 9 bucks a bag. It is...
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    How did YOU find this site? *****

    I had an ECB and was very dissatisfied with it. My birthday was coming up and I started researching what was the best/price. After finding this site and reading up I went with the wsm. Was there any question?
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    What do you do for work? *****

    Used to operate a tub grinder that ate trees. Plenty of access to smokewood. Sadly my father died 2 years ago and his excavating company was not getting paid from people who he had done work for. Along with the high price of fuel that year and a bank revoking the working capital loan the company...
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    preparing smoke wood

    If you are just going to trim the tree first take any limb that is growing down or toward the center of the tree first. Do not take more than a quarter of the tree limbs as your tree will not get enough light next summer. If you have a large unruly tree that you want to trim up do it over about...
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    I'm gonna leave it in there till it burns up, or gets tender

    Man, I was thinking about stopping and getting a brisket earlier today. That pic sure makes me wish I did. I hope it was good as it looks, as my mouth is watering.
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    Favorite Mustard For Bratwurst

    I really want to try the silver springs mustard. I hate to buy 9 bottles of the same thing. I went to silver springs website and they have most of the big chains listed as carrying the chapolte and several other mustards. I have visited all of the chains listed and none have it. However on their...
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    Brisket question: Best way to seperate the point and the flat?

    I put my point back on after my flat is tender, for a couple of hours. So I always separate the point. I always cook packers as they tend to be less per pound than flats. I put on vinyl gloves so the hot fat doesn't burn so bad. I take a long knife and start at the end where the fat between the...
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    HH Brisket-Diagnosis Request

    I have yet to do a HH brisket. I usually cook mine at 275 so maybe totally different. When I first started smokin brisket I cooked to temp even though the consensus here was to check for tender. I didn't understand why that was important until my first 6 or so briskets were either tough or...
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    How many pork butts in a case?

    I have been buying cases from Sams for several years. There is usually 4-5 cryovacs per case with 2 butts per cryovac. I know my butcher and I would ask for a smaller case. 4 was more common for me, probably because I asked for smaller cases. Seems like 65 pounds is usually the average weight of...
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    Cooking Chuck Roll Today

    Wow, I can't believe Sam's doesn't have butts. My local even has a board up with case prices up on butts. Usually 25-50 cents cheaper. Anyhow all of my local sams club does not put out chuck rolls. If they have chuck roasts they have chuck rolls as they cut their own roasts. My local Sam's the...
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    Mesquite vs Hickory

    I over smoked ribs back in '04 with hickory. About 2 years ago I tried hickory again. 1 chunk wasn't bad but I could hardly taste it. I smoked some ribs after that and thought I would try 2 chunks. I almost couldn't eat them. I used to love hickory but after you over smoke something with...
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    My local Sam's is one of two places I get non enhanced ribs. You are not telling us what you are doing to the ribs so everybody has to guess. You should post all steps after taking out of cryovac. Anyhow my guess is are you doing something to them the night before. I used to marinate ribs in...
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    What to do with a pork loin?

    Cut it in half length wise. Now cut across into 1.5 inch pieces. Coat pieces with BRITU rub. Smoke at 275° for about 90 minutes to 160°. You now have pig wings for the game. To bad your a pats fan. Green Bay all the way!
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    Seasoning citrus, how long from cut?

    Personally I would use it now. I have used fruit wood green without problems. Nutwoods on the other hand I know people who use green but not me, I want it good and dry. One thing though the flavor will be stronger. Example, I used green maple on ribs a few years ago. When they were done they...
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    Nothin' better to do, so...

    I haven't seen bottle Hurricane before. Just cans around here. 24oz, one takes the edge off and 2 call the wife I can't drive. 8.1% alcohol
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    Ever toss out something you smoked?

    Before my wsm I wasn't educated about different smoke woods, chunks vs chips. I was using hickory chips and evidently used waaaay too much on the ribs I was smoking. I took the first bite and looked at my wife with the look. Paid too much to throw them out so we ate them. Now to this day I can't...