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    2010 Lineup for Weber...includes....

    The grill that looks like a space ship must have a hinge on the back, dont see a weber handle on the top,just vent and temp guage... that might be ok, just open like the gas grills and it stays up...
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    Genesis s-320 NG line routing

    Tony , how do you like your s320... I was alittle concerned about the lack of space to put things. How old is it and what was your about price you paid and did you buy new, would you rec. this grill to someone... thanks
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    Yet another Craig's List find

    Great deal there. Regarding the problem of not heating up. With the 20# tank, when you turn the valve on the big tank, turn it very slowly, allow up to 10 sec. to open the whole way. that way the ck. valve inside will not get overloaded with a quick burst of propane. Hope this helps and enjoy.
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    weak flame

    I had the same problem and called webber cust srv. and they told me to just take my time when opening the tank. So now when I open the tank I count to 10 before its fully open. This has helped me with the problem on my Q grill when i use a 20lb tank. Hope it helps. Z
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    2008 Weber Q Gas Grills

    I have a Weber Q and was having a problem with the regulator i thoungt. I mostly use it with a 20lb. tank... The grill would just not heat up like it use to. I would start the grill off on high and everything was fine and than it would go down all by itself, you could hear the propane cut back...
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    Weber griddle

    ok, weber makes 3 griddle sizes anyone have one. how do you like it... or does any cast iron griddle do the job. and what about aluminum griddles from wally world... Thanks
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    Weber Q 220

    Hey guys, if you do this and i think its a great gift to a friend or to yourself but, you gotta get the stand its just makes the Q perfect. I have a Q and used it but i found the stand on sale at target, it's great, hard to improve on any weber but the stands makes it , you've come this far dont...