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    Faux Joe

    Very nice!!!
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    High Heat Ribs on the 22.5"wsm.

    I need to try this!! Looks great!!
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    Best pulled pork

    Looks like a great day of food!!
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    Old smoker in South Carolina

    Welcome, I grew up in Powdersville.
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    man that looks good!!
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    Cuban stuffed pork tenderloin

    Love it, I am going to have to try stuffed pork now!
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    S&P ChuckEyes

    Great looking meal!!
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    Grill Action: I need it!

    looks so good, cooked to perfection.
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    Boned in thigh or boneless?

    I have done well with bone in.
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    Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome from Decatur!!
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    Good Work!!
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    knife for trimming st louis
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    knife for trimming st louis

    I use the vitorinox semi stiff boning knife, it is also great for trimming up briskets.
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    I put away the gasser for a few - (wings)

    love those wings!! Glad you came to your senses :)
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    first time Baby Back ribs on the 22.5"wsm!

    ribs look great!!
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    Healthy attempt (fail) on the freebie performer!

    looks great, wish I could find a freebie like that
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    igrill problems

    thanks so much Jerry
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    igrill problems

    Does anyone have any experience with warranty department of igrill? the probes stopped reading correctly during an all night cook last night, It started reading off by several hundred degrees and the other off by about 20. Only used it a handfull of times, got it as a wedding gift in may.
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    Willy's Three Hour Ribs

    nice work, I need to try this!!