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  1. Jim H.

    Attending a competition as a spectator

    Visiting competition teams on Friday night and Saturday after turn in time is over (after 1:30pm for Pro division, ??? for backyard if there are backyard teams @ the comp) is usually the best time. You might want to check with your event organizer's website, as sometimes they have spectator...
  2. Jim H.

    Packaging pre trimmed meat for a competition.

    I trim chicken at home and vacu seal with the original label in the sealed up package. I then freeze the chicken and move it into a cooler when I leave on Friday for the comp. Never had a problem, and the inspectors usually like to see the chicken in the vacu seal package without asking too many...
  3. Jim H.

    Brined and Smoked Chickens In Progress, (Pics Of Redneck Wind Baffle Mod Inside!)

    Birds look great, and good thinking on the wind shield mods. Nice cook!
  4. Jim H.

    Prime Rib Double Header

    WOW! That's a fantastic looking pair Jeff. Congrats on the slicer. Santa hasn't brought me one... yet. ;)
  5. Jim H.

    Jim Lampe inspired Chuckeyes!

    Looks great! Never let the weather stop you.
  6. Jim H.

    no fancy food here

    Doesn't have to be fancy to be awesome! Great looking plate, Jim!
  7. Jim H.

    Transporting WSMs to comps.

    I do about the same thing that Bruce does, except I bungee the WSM assembled from one leg, over the lid through the handle and down to a different leg with two bungee cords. Then, I cover the WSM and use a long bungee to secure it to the tiedown hooks in the bed of my truck. Works like a champ.
  8. Jim H.

    $6.99 ribeyes!

    Found a family pack of CAB ribeyes at a local grocery for $6.99/lb. This is about half what they would cost @ Kroger or Publix, and these Choice Angus ribeyes are hand cut and better than either of those stores. Since the weather was really nice today, I decided to grill them up for dinner...
  9. Jim H.

    Look What I Found!

    fantastic looking pork steaks Jon!
  10. Jim H.

    Waste water question.

    Disposable cutting boards:
  11. Jim H.

    Fireplace T-Bone

    Looks great! Good idea cooking on the fireplace grate.
  12. Jim H.

    Cooking in an aluminum pan to reserve juices?

    If I am smoking only one or two butts, I will usually finish them in the oven in an aluminum half pan, mixing defatted pan drippings with some dry rub & homemade NC style thin vinegar sauce and mix this in with pulled pork. This helps keep the pulled pork from drying out and adds a nice layer of...
  13. Jim H.

    Smoking Marathon Part 1: Bacon, Ribs and Tri Tip

    Fantastic John! Very successful smokefest.
  14. Jim H.

    More Smoked Kielbasa

    Fantastic Jim! Just add beer and you're all set. ;)
  15. Jim H.

    Whats your go to way of lighting charcoal WITHOUT using a chimney

    ^^^ This, but a Looftlighter looks like a cool toy to have.
  16. Jim H.

    Queso Fundido

    Excellent John! Looks fantastic.
  17. Jim H.

    Pork and Cabbage

    Great looking cook, Dwain! Thanks for the cabbage idea. That sounds fantastic.
  18. Jim H.

    Hickory Smoked Beef Ribs

    Those look ribalicious, Jim!
  19. Jim H.

    Lime Chicken

    Fantastic looking bird, Jim! Weber makes a Mango-Lime seafood seasoning that goes great on chicken. I mix that with a little Weber's Kickin' Chicken and the two together are great.
  20. Jim H.

    Reverse sear Buffalo Ribeyes with CI taters and onions

    Looks great Dwain!