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  1. J

    What is going on with this brisket?

    Upon further research seems like what I have here is a flat. I'm guessing this'll take 5-8 hours at 225-250?
  2. J

    Illinois > Belvidere: The Smokin' Coop

    I used to live in Belvidere and I never went here because like I didn't get it. It was in a field. I wasn't even sure what it was.
  3. J

    What is going on with this brisket?

    So my in-laws bought “half a cow” and this is the brisket they got. It looks like an AGGRESSIVELY trimmed packer. It weighs less than 5lbs. Is that what this is? Is it a weird flat? How long do you think this will cook for? Thinking of getting it on around 8 to be ready for dinner. At 250 that...
  4. J

    I really love that little Q

    Same over here. Have a blue 1200. Used it yesterday to grill up some burgers for family. Been on the same propane tank for going on 3 grilling seasons now.
  5. J

    Anyone using the Weber briquettes?

    I used them to cook up some steaks and then to smoke a whole chicken. It seems like.....they are better but they are no way 4x the price better.
  6. J

    Spatchcocked a Bird

    Doing smoked half chickens is easily one of my favorite things to cook. This looks great.
  7. J

    14" WSM Baby Back Ribs

    I've done them rolled and cut in half. I much prefer the cut in half ribs.
  8. J

    My thoughts on Weber's Charcoal

    Did anyone else get an email from Weber offering a free 4lbs bag? Interested in getting it and putting up against KBB.
  9. J

    Basic BBQ chicken problem on 14.5

    We're you following this recipe? Because it says to use a dry water pan. However, I vastly prefer this recipe which requires you to remove the water pan completely.
  10. J

    Pizza Pizza Pizza

    Pizzas look incredible.
  11. J

    My favorite pork shoulder I've done so far...

    I don't rinse just pat dry. Then slather with mustard and the rub from this recipe.
  12. J

    My favorite pork shoulder I've done so far...

    Apparently I never put my new credit card number into my hosting account and my account got suspended. Its been paid and the site is back up!
  13. J

    My favorite pork shoulder I've done so far...

    It was 8.7lbs and I updated the post with a cook log at the bottom. I ran between 225 and 258.
  14. J

    My favorite pork shoulder I've done so far...

    I do a brine from an Alton Brown recipe for pork shoulder. 3qts of water, 12oz of kosher salt, and 8oz of molasses. I might start playing with adding seasoning but I don't want to mess up a good thing.
  15. J

    I've got some serious catching up to do...

    The bacons look incredible. I can't wait to give bacon a try.
  16. J

    My favorite pork shoulder I've done so far...

    Wrote up a quick little post about the shoulder I did last weekend. I really loved the way it turned out.
  17. J

    Shake 'n Bake thighs

    Came for the chicken thighs, stayed for the woodpecker.
  18. J

    Kobe style Wagyu slider lunch

    Thanks for the heads up!
  19. J

    Kobe style Wagyu slider lunch

    There's an Aldi next to the Home Depot by me, so while I'm there picking up charcoal I'll grab some of this beef. Looks good!
  20. J

    A slow cooked pork shoulder and a quickly cooked Tri-Trip

    I think for my next tri-tip I will definitely go with some variation of Santa Maria seasoning.