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  1. Jan M.

    Weber Family Portraits

    Weber OneTouch Platinum. It has a lid bail not a hinge.
  2. Jan M.

    Happy WSM Smoke Day!

    I decided to cook a dry aged brisket. Some weeks ago I ask my butcher to dry age one for me. I also decided to smoke the brisket until it hit the stall and got a good bark in my 22.5”WSM. I then switch over to my Weber Spirit to finish it wrapped in butcher paper. What can I say… it worked...
  3. Jan M.

    WSM Smoke Day 19 T-Shirts - Order Now!

    It finally arrived! My most expensive T-shirt ever but I like it!
  4. Jan M.

    Pork tenderloin schnitzel

    Kein Problem
  5. Jan M.

    Ooni Karu 12

  6. Jan M.

    Pork tenderloin schnitzel

    As requested! ;-) Original/classic Jäger Sauce (Hunter sauce), Translation: 200g onions 740g Champignon mushrooms 50g clarified butter 2 rosemary twigs 2 tablespoons flour 6 tablespoons white wine 400 ml vegetable broth 100 ml...
  7. Jan M.

    Ooni Karu 12

    I use OONI ovens for years and I’m very satisfied with the quality. With some practice you can create incredible pizza esp. Neapolitan style works great due to the very high heat. Can’t wait to see some final pizzas from you! :cool:
  8. Jan M.

    Mexican Pulled Pork

    Looks like you handled that wind issue :) The meat looks amazing
  9. Jan M.

    Burgers with ribs to follow

    Very nice! Fantastic smoke ring
  10. Jan M.

    Smoke Day 2022 - Baby Backs on the WSM 22

    Wow!! Nice looking ribs and impressive pics
  11. Jan M.

    Smoke day brisket

    Good smoke ring. Looks fantastic
  12. Jan M.

    Smoke day brisket

    Very nice. That’s a huge piece of meat.
  13. Jan M.

    BabyBack ribs

    Thx. No, no company. ;-)
  14. Jan M.

    Smoke Day Ribeye Roast

    It looks delicious!
  15. Jan M.

    Pre-Smoke Day Ribs

    Very nice
  16. Jan M.

    Smoke day pork belly

    Awesome cook, very nice.
  17. Jan M.

    Smoke day smoked bone in pork rib roast

    Love it. Very nice.
  18. Jan M.

    Stuffed smoked pork loin.

    Food looks great. Nice pics.
  19. Jan M.

    Smoke Weekend (again)

    Amazing pictures. Everything looks just fantastic.
  20. Jan M.

    Smoke Day - Ribs on the E6

    Nice looking rib! I'm a fan of the Stubb's sauces.