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  1. JSchlegelmilch


    Did some CSRs on the Smokey Mountain. Smoked for about 2 1/2 hours with a big chunk of pecan. Then put them in the pan with some SBR and apple juice for another 2 1/2 hours. Was taking a little long, so I put them in the Instant Pot on pressure cooker for 10 minutes, then put them back on the...
  2. JSchlegelmilch

    Pecan Smoked Turkey Breast

    Looks great! I first had smoked turkey at a place called Rudy's in Ohio...has been a favorite ever since!
  3. JSchlegelmilch

    TBT Wine Oak Brisket

    Looks awesome! Wine oak goes so well with beef!
  4. JSchlegelmilch

    Roasted Poblano Corn Dip

    Didn't take photos of the cook, and wasn't going to post...but this was too good not to share! Used this recipe: But cut it in half. Also fire roasted the corn on the grill instead of using frozen corn and cooked it in my cast iron mini...
  5. JSchlegelmilch

    Chicken Chili on a Hot Summer Night

    Nice! Love chicken chili!
  6. JSchlegelmilch

    Sunday Smoke. Leg of Lamb.

    Looking good! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  7. JSchlegelmilch

    Costco Lamb

    Looks great! Love lamb on the grill!
  8. JSchlegelmilch

    Cheese Steaks

    Awesome! And great to do it all on the grill. It has been so hot lately by us, we are trying to avoid indoor cooking...this is the way to do it!
  9. JSchlegelmilch

    Vortex Pork Loin Steaks.

    Looks great! I gotta try that vortex!
  10. JSchlegelmilch

    CSRs a New Way

    Looks great! They are always asking for BBQ at my work, so a good crockpot transition makes it easy. Will have to try this one out!
  11. JSchlegelmilch

    Baby Backs & Artichokes

    Very nice! ribs and chokes look great!
  12. JSchlegelmilch

    Skirt Steak Tacos

    Looks great! One of my favorites!
  13. JSchlegelmilch

    Lamb Wraps

    Made some lamb wraps with some home-made hummus the other day. Here is how it went down: Leg of lamb with some local greek seasoning and some onions soaked in EVOO and Balsamic: Cucumber, Tomato and Feta: Some gluten free tortillas (family health reasons) brushed with EVOO on the grill...
  14. JSchlegelmilch

    Rotisserie Pork Belly

    Looks awesome! I need to try that! I have not gotten too creative yet with my rotisserie...
  15. JSchlegelmilch

    "Dirty" Tomahawk Steak

    Very nice! Looks great!
  16. JSchlegelmilch

    Recipe Cards from the Store

    My daughter loves bringing home recipe cards from our local grocery store. We decided to give a few of them a try. The latest were for Cajun Grilled Chicken and Moroccan Carrots (also did some potatoes to round out the meal). Here is how it went: Everything came out awesome! A...
  17. JSchlegelmilch

    Short Plate Beef Ribs, never enogh!

    Looks great! Beef ribs are the best!
  18. JSchlegelmilch

    Wings and ABTs

    Nope. Don't have a vortex...yet! Just had all of the coals in the baskets in the center. When I flipped the wings I flipped end over end. Let me know how they work with the vortex when you get it though!
  19. JSchlegelmilch

    Redneck Biscuit n Gravy Casserole

    Awesome! Gotta try this one!
  20. JSchlegelmilch

    Creekstone Farms prime brisket on the WSM

    Looks awesome! Smoke rings are over-rated, as long as it tastes good. But if you really want one, it might just need a little more smoke earlier on (the ring happen early in the process when the meat is cooler). Maybe try throwing one of your pieces of smoke wood on the coals when you put the...