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  1. Jeremy Cook

    Tank Scale label for Genesis 1000 wanted

    Best bet is to contact weber, they are very helpful
  2. Jeremy Cook

    Bone-in Turkey Breast Cooking Time Question

    I'm doing one myself today also. I did one for thanksgiving and took about 2.5 hr.
  3. Jeremy Cook

    5 pounder Ox rib steak

    Good job , looks great
  4. Jeremy Cook

    Heritage Breed Turkey

    Fantastic looking meal
  5. Jeremy Cook

    First Try at Bacon

    Now I got to try it, looks great.
  6. Jeremy Cook

    Perfect combo

    Great looking meal there
  7. Jeremy Cook

    Chicken: no turkey

    Looks great
  8. Jeremy Cook

    Turkey breast, ABT'S, and moinks today

    Skin was still on little on soft side. No water in pan and used Apple chunks. I don't know how to get it crispy, maybe butter the skin next time
  9. Jeremy Cook

    Turkey breast, ABT'S, and moinks today

    Thanks everyone
  10. Jeremy Cook

    Turkey breast, ABT'S, and moinks today

    Brined turkey for about 15 hours, injected with creole butter and let the WSM rip at 325-350 for about 2.5 hours to 165' temp. Came out great. Happy thanksgiving everyone!
  11. Jeremy Cook

    Custom Weber Kettle Cart

    I have seen other carts using only the handles for support. Great looking cart
  12. Jeremy Cook

    Rib eyes with a side of carne asada.

    Awesome looking as usual Tony!
  13. Jeremy Cook

    Trying out the new BBQ cart

    Nice cart build and great price on that brisket
  14. Jeremy Cook

    Did the ribs, 2 pork butts this weekend...advice?

    I just did 2 butts 8lb Ea on my 18.5 top grate running about 225 and took about 16 hours using kbb. That was my fist time doing 2 butts at once. It really slowed the cooking process.
  15. Jeremy Cook

    New Foodsaver

    What model is this? Do you use food saver bags or generic rolls?
  16. Jeremy Cook

    Feast for my SRD

    His spoiled rotten dog
  17. Jeremy Cook

    Feast for my SRD

    Wow,nice cook. What rib rack is that? I have the weber rub rack but it doesn't stand the ribs up enough
  18. Jeremy Cook

    Just grilling....nothing exciting.

    Frijoles charros?
  19. Jeremy Cook

    Which fuel do you use and why?

    Kingsford here, lump burns hotter but seems to break apart easy and have lots of pieces that fall through grates.