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  1. Don Hilliard

    Kirkland Signature Professional Briquets

    Maybe I'm just a bad searcher, but I have not found a thread about this charcoal. Has anyone used it and if so what did you like or dislike about it? It kind of looks like Royal Oak Super Size Briquets. Price is $18 for 2-20 lb bags. Royal oak Super Size
  2. Don Hilliard

    ThermoWorks Billows Adaptor w/BBQ Guru Fan Adaptor for WSM or Kettle

    I tried out Billows and a Smoke X2 last weekend for the first time, weather was rainy and about 45*. I just attached it like they show on the Thermoworks site and ran for 3 hours at 225* and then bumped it to 250* for 2 hours, never missed a beat. A couple of spikes after removing the lid to...
  3. Don Hilliard

    Anyone air frying?

    Brussels sprouts are awesome in a air fryer, cut in half, stir them in a bowl with a little olive oil, seasoned salt, pepper and a little maple syrup. Throw in the air fryer at 390* for about 15 minutes, give them a shake a couple of times while cooking. Yum.
  4. Don Hilliard

    Turning a Kettle into a Smoker

    I'm building a smoker out of a bunch of old slightly damaged Kettle parts. I'm using a rotisserie ring to hold a second cooking rack. I have a Billows fan that will be installed using a stainless bowl mounted over a 1" hole drilled in the bottom, also drilled a 1 1/4 hole above the cooking grate...
  5. Don Hilliard

    Smoked Goat

    I've got a goat shoulder to smoke, anyone have any experience with goat? Temps, type of rub, etc.? This is a new one for me and it looks pretty lean and I don't want to end up with goat jerky.
  6. Don Hilliard

    blendtec blenders

    I decided that the Vitamix and Blendtec were just to rich my blood just to make smoothies, so I ended up with a Ninja blender that does great and is only 60 bucks or so. I figure if it lasts a year or 2 I'm money ahead since it's main main purpose is mixing smoothies and cold drinks. I did not...
  7. Don Hilliard

    bear paws

    I quit using bear paws, now it's a big cutting board and and a very sharp meat cleaver and I just chop the heck out of them butts. (keep the fingers clear)
  8. Don Hilliard

    New Performer Grill

    It was a great find. I saw this grill in the store all summer long priced at $299, then today we stopped to buy some other stuff and it was marked 50% off. It was missing the thermometer, but I already had a Weber thermometer I used on my WSM before I went digital. So tonight we cooked 2...
  9. Don Hilliard

    New Performer Grill

    I've haven't logged in here for a long time, but I bought a new Weber Performer today for $150 and I'm curious how to hear from others who have this grill about how it has held up. I know I got a super deal, I'm mainly wondering in the long term how the gas lighter and plastic table have worked...
  10. Don Hilliard

    what's the difference???

    Ir, Congrats to your parents, I am cooking five 8 lb butts this weekend for my parents 50th. I think 2 of them shall get BRITU rub, 1 Mr. Brown, and the last 2 my own mix. Good luck, Don
  11. Don Hilliard

    Beer Can Chicken Holder

    Erich, Personally I prefer the original beer can chicken holder. The beer can. I believe this is one of the greatest recipes ever thought up, especially since the first step is to drink a half can of beer. How can you improve on that? Don
  12. Don Hilliard

    Gloves for smoking

    I just bought 4 pairs of up to the elbow welding gloves at BigLots for 5 bucks a pair. They are not the best gloves I'm sure, but the price was definitely right. Good stocking stuffers for friends and family. Don
  13. Don Hilliard

    HELP! Salmon smell in cast iron skillet!

    Keri, I don't know if this will help, but some vanilla extract on a paper towel will get the fish smell (and any other bad smell) out of an ice chest so maybe it will work on your skillet, of course then your skillet will smell like vanilla (or worse vanilla and fish). Just a thought. Don
  14. Don Hilliard

    Anyone growing herbs?

    Celery(technically I suppose not an herb, but we use the seeds also), cilantro(plus the bonus corriander when it goes to seed), rosemary, parsley(two types),peppermint, and thai, poblano, jalapeno, Anaheim and sweet banana peppers. We have had an exceptionally warm summer here so many things...
  15. Don Hilliard

    Grilla gloves

    Randy, If you can't find the Grilla Gloves, you might try your local welding supply store. They will carry welding gloves that are almost exact duplicates of the Grilla's. I have Grilla's and welding gloves and other than the color you can't tell them apart. Don
  16. Don Hilliard

    Teddy Bears abt's

    Larry, I too learned the wisdom of wearing rubber gloves, especially after a trip to the restroom. Lets just say it was uncomfortable and leave it at that. Don
  17. Don Hilliard

    Teddy Bears abt's

    Konrad, Thanks to your web site I was a big hit at our annual Christmas potluck at work. I made a double batch of ABT's (end result 64 turds)using the recipe from your web site. I used my WSM and my Homer Simpson. The only problem I had was with the cook times. At 300*F it took almost 1 1/2...
  18. Don Hilliard

    flavor differences between different hickory species.

    Greg, Some where I read the reason hickory is called pignut is because the early settlers fed their swine hickory nuts. It gave the meat a different taste.(nutty I suppose) I don't know too much about different species of hickory, but I would be willing to bet what you have will work. I would...
  19. Don Hilliard

    Grilla Gauntlet Gloves

    Bruce, I paid $9 for mine at one of those outlet shopping plazas down in Oregon. I just can't remember the name of the store. Don
  20. Don Hilliard

    Quick Help with a new wsm and a receipe

    Robert, If you really can't find time to make up a rub, you might try McCormick's Montreal Chicken spice. It's available in most grocery stores and it's not to bad, but as Richard said, it only takes a few minutes to throw together something and it will probably be better because you can...