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  1. J

    Perplexed over correct size WSM

    I opted for the larger smoker.....just in case!
  2. J

    What to do about this mold???

    What Earl said.....
  3. J

    Big game wings & butts

    Amen Alan!!
  4. J

    Better rib rub wanted

    I use a 50/50 mixture of Hogs n Heat and Blues complaints yet!
  5. J

    Favorite BBQ sauce

    I'm with ya Rick.....Blues Hog Original and Tennessee Red! Where ya been? Call me before the comps start!
  6. J

    Not a good first attempt with pulled pork

    It might have took so long and been undercooked if you lifted the lid every hour to check the temps. Get yourself a remote temp checker. It will keep you from losing heat every hour.
  7. J

    18" WSM Stainless Steel Door Replacement

    I've had my two (18 & 22) doors for a while now and finally got them installed. I'm glad to report they fit like a glove and zero problems with the hardware either. They look SO much better than the originals!!
  8. J

    Grandpa/Grandson rib-off (pics)

    Blake has great taste in baseball players! El Hombre is the greatest player ever.
  9. J

    new member of the wsm club

    You can expect that the next big purchase SHE makes better not make you say one word!!!!!!!
  10. J

    First Cook on 22.5 WSM

    It is an awesome toy, isn't it!
  11. J

    Sauces for pork butt...

    Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce!!!!!
  12. J

    Cooking in bear country

    Invite the bears, but tell them they must bring beer for everyone....seems to keep some from showing up at BBQ's!!!
  13. J

    Beating a Dead horse..

    If it's in your budget, get the 22.5". You might use it someday. It's like a's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!
  14. J

    Brisket on the 22

    Looks great Dan. The Tennesse Red is a great vinegar based sauce, I love it!
  15. J

    Need new ideas

    Smoked turkey is hard to beat.
  16. J

    Pre-peeled Garlic ?

  17. J

    Why tabs? and Why no lump?

    You too Brad?
  18. J

    Made the purchase

    Don't worry Spatulaman....I'm sure there will be a BIG change in 2012.
  19. J

    Food Saver bag failure

    I never reheat food in my foodsaver bags in the microwave...don't like the taste/smell it seems to leave on the food. You can use an almost boiling pan of water to heat if need be. I usually just take the food out and put on another plate/bowl to reheat in the microwave.
  20. J

    Need a new frying pan. Recommend one please.

    Calphalon...very sturdy, non heat conducting handles, lifetime warranty.