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    Breaded "Fried" Mushrooms

    Good Job! saw the pics in the gallery and MAN they look awesome. Cant wait to try them myself. Thanks for the rep.
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    Aldi filets

    My wife works at Aldi and she comes home with some BIG surprises. I tried a per-marinated burgundy flank steaks and first of all I never buy anything per-marinated. BUT i gotta say these flanks were really good meat was nice and tender 6 min a side over direct and I was impressed.
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    Dust Smokers

    I did end up wanting the Pro-Q, but before I bought it I ended up buying the Rotisserie attachment for my 22.5 kettle. Then the wife put the hammer down for spending on BBQ stuff for a while. I bet I can convince her to let me get the Pro-Q with a couple a weeks of que'ing up her favorite...
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    Got some wood what should I cook?

    I got a couple of staves (oak wood slats from the barrels that bourbon, then beer was stored in to age). But I don't know what that would be good with. Chicken, Beef? any ideas would help!
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    ribs - over or under done? I can't tell

    Everytime I've done ribs has been the 3-2-1 method and it seems to work out great. You can google it but its 3 hours rubbed and smoked the 2 hours foil packed with apple juice or cider then 1 hour basted with sauce. The times aren't exact depending on the meat but you get an idea of it.
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    Dust Smokers

    OH great what to do now! hmmm I guess I'll have to hunker down and really look at these things. Thanks for your input though Brian
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    Having tough time grilling steaks on Performer

    I'm no expert on steaks but I made some this weekend that were awesome. I seared the steaks on the chimney after coals were hot to get a good crust and grill marks, then dumped the coals into buckets and finished the steak off indirect. I did about 1 min a side on the chimney and 5 min max...
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    Kettle Chicken Spatchcock

    I think the chicken looks great and nice Performer by the way. The only thing I would add to this is to check out this video on spatchcooking he gives a couple good hints to make one even layer of meat by tucking the wings and lacing the legs into the skin...
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    Dust Smokers

    Thanks Russell. I've seen the Pro-Q. and I was thinking about getting that (video was pretty convincing). Have not seen the Amazen and will look at discussion of it. I just wanted to see what people on here use, But I am leaning to Pro-Q for myself.
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    Dust Smokers

    For those with dust smokers for cold smoking which do you like the best? Im thinking about getting one and this forum is a collection of the greatest BBQ/Grilling minds I know!
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    S J. Gold Mini WSM Smoker

    This Mini smoker idea is great. I cant wait to put one together my self. Thank you LDean for the great idea!
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    Help and Aussie select the right WSM

    I got the 18.5 for a 10 year anniversary from my work and as much as I love it I wish I could have just gotten a check for the 18.5 cost and covered the rest for the bigger. Once you get started you gonna wanna go bigger all the time.
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    Post a pic of your Pet (Dog) *****

    This is Kali (sounds like Collie). We named her that because that's the Hindu Goddess of Destruction. We thought that it would be funny to name such a cutie something so dark and scary. This is her daydreaming... and napping with her buddy Virtue (named after a Weakerthans song) I...
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    Shrimp and Salmon Terrine

    Okay I want to give it a try. How do you serve this?
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    Eat your heart out!

    Though I will probably never try to make this myself. I have to say this is the coolest thing I have seen on the boards yet. Hopefully I will come across this one day and taste it.
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    Shrimp and Salmon Terrine

    Wow that looks really good, how difficult did you think it was? I would love to try it but it looks so fancy I don't know if I could do something that well.
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    Bulgogi (or kalbi) ribs

    Im not sure if anyone mentioned this. Every year for an annual snowboarding road trip I make a bunch of jerky. Last year I made Bulgogi jerky, using thinly sliced beef strips marinated overnight in the Bulgogi marinade of your choice. Then dehydrated or slow and realllll low in the WSM. You...