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    Extra rack(s) on 22.5 WSM

    I have the CB stainless steel expansion cylinder and third rack. Bought it over a year ago, but had no use for it due to COVID. Broke it in over Labor Day with a cook of 7 10lb. shoulders. Probably could have shoe horned one more in if I needed to. I was very happy with how it turned out. Served...
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    How do you store leftover pulled pork?????

    I also vacuum seal leftover pulled pork in 1lb portions. If I'm firing up the WSM, I usually will do minimun two butts. You can fit these together in a large foil pan. After refrigerating it's easy to cut chunks the size you need. Then after sealing you can flatten out the package for easy...
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    What is your best cook ever ?

    This is a hard one. First, how do you define best? The one you thought tasted the best? Made you the most proud? Most raves from your friends or guests? Best results at a competition? Biggest challenge met? I was part of a KCBS team for five years. We decided to retire after 2015 (Age, chronic...
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    What instant read thermometer do you have?

    Ditto. I bought my MK4 at the same time. Love it. It lives in the kitchen at home. I also have two Thermo Pops. One stays at our trailer and the other lives in my travel knife bag.
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    Raichlen's Project Smoke/Fire

    Thanks Joan!
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    Raichlen's Project Smoke/Fire

    I enjoy his shows. I've watched since his BBQ University specials (before the series) on PBS years ago, and have definitely learned from them. He's not the most comfortable in front of the camera. His dialog delivery can be a little stilted. Still a good watch. I know the sponsors provide all...
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    What are your favorite or recommended wsm modifications?

    I've done several mods on my 22: Wheels Gasket around top of mid-section and door opening Lid hinge Fold down side table Cajun Bandit steel door and compression latch PartyQ ATC, so I have all other bottom vent holes plugged Threaded wire tube for probe wires. Since I just replaced my dead...
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    ThermoWorks Smoke Open Box Sale: 35% off

    I ordered one earlier this week, since my Maverick conveniently started malfunctioning over the holiday weekend. Should arrive any day now. Of course I also had to get the stand for the receiver and an additional meat probe. That used up most of the discount.
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    Temp Probe thru Screw Hole?

    I think I'm going to convert to the notch. I have the threaded tube in the hole drilled in the middle section. It has worked great for me with two Maverick temp probes and the grate prober for my BBQ Guru. Just finished a cook of 3 10 lb. pork shoulders and a 16 lb. brisket. When I was setting...
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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    Thanks Chris. :)
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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    I do very little cleaning. Scrape the grates really well. Dump the ashes. I foil both the top and bottom of the pan. I remove the top foil with drippings and grease after every cook. I'll leave the foil on the underside for several cooks. Occasionally I take some sandpaper or emery cloth to the...
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    22.5" WSM Mods

    I don't have clamps and there's been a couple times that I wish I did. I have a hinge for the lid on my 22 and a several year old gasket around the top of the mid-section. I've had a couple times when the lid stuck to the gasket enough that I lifted the mid-section as well. Fortunately there was...
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    Costco brisket

    Prime grade briskets at my Sam's Club (suburban Chicago) have been around $2.85/lb for a while now. I was excited when it dropped below $3.50/lb.
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    Smoked Salmon - light on sugar and salt

    Bump... I love this recipe, and have made it many times (including last week). I almost always serve it with a toasted corn and black bean salsa. The leftovers (I always do a whole side of fish) are great on a salad or in a dip. They freeze well, too.
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    22 lb Prime Brisket Cook

    I've been buying prime briskets at Sam's since ours started selling them last year. Gotten the best results I ever had. Last time I got one a few weeks ago it was $3.04/.lb. Recently it was under $3 but the cooler was empty. When I was competing a few years ago I was paying $3.85 for choice at...
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    Leave as is or Auto Temp Controller

    A few years ago I got the bottom of the line PartyQ from BBQ Guru. Love it. When we were competing, we switched from the big Lang to two WSM when the team shrunk down to just two of us. It allowed me to get 5 hours sleep which was great. I would not go back. Use it for every cook now.
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    Smoking Beef Roasts

    I just did a rump roast on the WSM today for the first time. It came out great. I left all the vents wide open and let it go until it hit 125*. After a 15 minute rest it was great. As a side note this was the first time I used my new Maverick ET-732. Calibrated it with boiling water. Both...
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    Greeting from Woodridge IL

    Welcome Mike. You should think about stopping by the Westmont Red White & BBQ competition Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Biggest KCBS contest in Illinois. It's at Ty Warner Park.
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    Competition site preference

    One thing about Whitewater is they're very generous with their space. They give a 40 x 20 spot. Most other comps we go to give you 20 x 20. Since last year was the first year, it's a little smaller than say Kenosha.
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    Where do you sleep ?

    I usually try to get a few hours in the back of my van, even if it isn't parked right at our site. At Westmont last year it was warm and pleasant (at night, it hit 100* the next day) so we put out our air mattresses right on the pavement. Our latest trick which allows us to get more sleep is to...