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    WSM 22" Water Pan

    Are you making a foil liner or no liner?
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    WSM 22" Water Pan

    I am a clean-up stickler, and water pan cleaning in my 22" is a PITA. I try to make a foil liner by rolling a seam in two foil sheets to give me width to fit, but water and grease always finds a way to leak and get a gummy mess under the foil. Anyone got a good way of dealing with a water pan...
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    Ground Venison Tips

    I hunt deer and wild boar in the fall, and put enough meat in the freezer to last until the next season. My preferred use of game meat is to grind into sausages and burger. I know lots of folks like stews and roasts, etc., but to me game meat is dry if not really cooked properly. A pan seared...
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    Hog casings

    Threading natural casings on stuffing tubes is one of the biggest headaches for novice sausage makers. Natural casings are great, and I use natural casings that are pre-loaded on plastic sleeves making threading on stuffing tubes a snap. You'll still flush them and soak them as with any salted...
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    My first time making sausage

    Anything worth doing is worth doing least in my opinion. Sausages in the grocery store are machine made in huge vats. So if you want grocery store tasting sausages, just buy grocery store sausages and skip the work of custom ground, hand crafted sausages. I want to feel the meat...
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    Quick Sausage Making Questions

    Stone, there is quite a bit to sausage making if you get into that as I enjoy doing. I hunt wild boar and deer, and make my own sausages...both smoked and fresh. Smoked is challenging in that you want to smoke very slowly so you don't render out the fat and lose moisture. If you cook too...
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    CyberQ Wifi -- Current thoughts?

    I enjoy my CyberQ now that it is setup and running. Yes, the cost does seem steep, but remember you get 3 food probes with it and those run $25 each. I am glad I spent the $$ to make my cooking efforts enjoyable. I had issues setting it up like many other do. I got help from Guru that got me...
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    Dry aging beef

    I bought dry age bags from a company called Umai. I don't remember exactly, but with shipping the bags were maybe a bit over $20 for three bags that were big enough to hold a 13.5 lb beef strip loin. The bags are used in conjunction with a vac food sealer that I had already. The bags are...
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    Guru Cyber Q WiFi hookup

    Gentleman.....a cyberq related question: I am operating in infrastructure mode just fine. Looking at my cyber q while out shopping on my iPhone and at my office via desktop. All good. However, I needed to switch back to ad hoc at a remote cook. I switched back to ad hoc and checked my...
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    Help-advice needed on maverick et732

    Did your new probes fix the problem?
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    Guru Cyber Q WiFi hookup

    Well, the CyberQ does require some tec savvy to connect. I had questions and frustrations but finally got it going and working correctly. Now that I am past the hard part...I love this unit. I'd buy it again tomorrow!
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    WOW This is taking a long time

    A buddy and I did a side by side cook test at a competition to see if there was any difference in butts cooked at different temps. We both had an idle 22.5 WSM avail. We cooked identical everything...charcoal brands, guru, foiled clay saucers. Same rubs, same injections, sauces...all the same...
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    Guru Cyber Q WiFi hookup

    Pulling the trigger now gents! Thanks for the confidence booster.
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    Temp Probe in Ribs for Doneness

    Precisely, Frank! I learned long ago that the REAL test of any meat is how it feels when the probe is inserted. The Thermapen probe is ideal. One of my most important pieces of equipment.
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    Guru Cyber Q WiFi hookup

    I have been a bit hesitant to upgrade from my DigiQ to the WiFi CyberQ. Is it really as tough as some say to get it configured into the infrastructure mode? All this negative setup publicity (reviews) has me concerned to try one. It offers me the features I need, but I may not be tec savvy...
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    DiqiQ on batteries

    A 12vdc rechargeable vehicle jump starter works perfectly and lasts a long time. The jumpstarter will have a 12 VDC power outlet on it, so all you need is the 12vdc power cord from Guru. The bonus is that you can use this jumpstarter for your car, lawnmower, motorcyle, etc in case your battery...
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    bbq guru question

    Everyone has his/her own techniques. When using my Guru, I open the top vent 1/2 to 3/4 open to allow smoke to escape freely. I found by closing it down too tightly, the foods get too much smoke and a bitter kind of cresote or oversmoked flavor.
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    Temp Probe in Ribs for Doneness

    Yes, all ribs are different. I cooked two St Louis slabs yesterday and Thermapened them when they hit the right spot for me. One slab was at 192 and the other was 195. I like my ribs to come clean off the bone, but still have some bite thru resistance. I had never thought about rib temps...
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    why are ribs deceptive ?

    Like some of you said, I'll buy a three pack of spares at Sams or Costco, trim the St Loius ribs, and then cook the whole shebang at once...riblets and all. We eat what we want, then vac seal ribs to freeze. I bought a new Weston 2300, and it does a great job of sealing the whole rib. Then...
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    Temp Probe in Ribs for Doneness

    Does anybody know a good doneness target temp that a food probe will read when inserted in the meaty portion of a rib? I mainly target the ribs doneness when meat will bite cleanly off the bone with some slight resistance. But certainly not falling off the bone. For sure, the real test of...