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  1. Carlos Gregory

    Todays beef ribs

    Look awesome !!! Now try some english cut short ribs .....more meat and marbling.I get the full length ones.These are what you get at the Reno Cookoff.
  2. Carlos Gregory


    Agreed! Passion and drive are the key similarities !
  3. Carlos Gregory

    New addition to the family - she's 22.5"

    Good work buddy ...I ordered and installed the aftermarket grommets more damaged wires on my Maverick Therm !
  4. Carlos Gregory

    SF Bay Area Rib Cookoff

    message me your email
  5. Carlos Gregory

    SF Bay Area Rib Cookoff

    Carlos, The comp is looking to be mid august. Please check your schedule and let me know if you're available to cook august 17th.
  6. Carlos Gregory

    SF Bay Area Rib Cookoff

    Thanks Thom
  7. Carlos Gregory

    Beef........!! Who knows!!!

    ball tip roast ?!
  8. Carlos Gregory

    SF Bay Area Rib Cookoff

    Hello all, For those of you who reside in the bay area or nearby myself and a group of fellow bbq enthusiasts are planning a august rib cookoff in the town Alameda ca. As of now we are in the beginning preparation stages but we do have the venue which in my opinion will not dissapoint(great...
  9. Carlos Gregory

    Burgers and homemade fries tonight!

    a little char on the bun .....nice touch ! Good looking burgers bro..
  10. Carlos Gregory

    The Quest for a Perfect Rotisserie Chicken ...

    I have tried several recipes for rotisserie chicken on my pit ...not one has come close to even Costco quality ...that's embarrasing to say ! I'm wondering if I should "submerge" the darn bird in a brine or sumthin' ?!:confused:
  11. Carlos Gregory

    Grommets for the Maverick et 732

    Sweet ! I'll check them out
  12. Carlos Gregory

    Grommets for the Maverick et 732

    Hi all, I'm sure this topic has been addressed many times but I am simply trying to find some grommets I can order for my maverick et 732 to install into my WSM 22.5. Not looking to "wing" it by buying parts ....just want something out of the box ! :confused:
  13. Carlos Gregory

    Craigslist Find....need help

    yup ...grab it up. Don't worry about a temp gauge. You should buy a maverick et 732 anyway
  14. Carlos Gregory

    My Jalapeno cheeseburgers :-)

    Is that Pimento cheese ?! Those Burgers look friggin amazin' !
  15. Carlos Gregory

    Grilling in Camp Pendelton

    Nice cook Tony ....looks good !
  16. Carlos Gregory

    Trader's Tri Tip with MINI potatoes

    Crazy .... I would think a cut like tri tip would be standard in any meat market/grocery store like here ...?! Demand more my friends !
  17. Carlos Gregory

    Trader's Tri Tip with MINI potatoes

    Nice looking plate there buddy ! Try getting a hold of a santa maria style rub (amazon) . I'm here in California where tri tip is king and Santa Maria Ca is the mecca for tri tip ....amazing rub ! Love the potatoe's in the cast iron ...nice touch!
  18. Carlos Gregory

    My first ever smoker - 22.5 WSM just showed up today!

    Hi Dave, These gloves are great ....gonna need some when removing a pork butt or brisket As far as breaking in your grill will run hot the first 2-3 cooks so I recommend smoking something that will not be drastically affected by a...
  19. Carlos Gregory

    Costco is Loading up

    I'm in the SF Bay Area....sure hope we get it here !
  20. Carlos Gregory

    Chicken and Shrimp Fajitas

    Nailed it !