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    Charcoal Chimney

    I light mine on the sideburner of my genesis, if not I will place on the charcoal grate of performer and the light it with igniter.
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    Plugs for vent holes!!!

    What material is the plug made from? The only ones I could find were nickel, not ss or galvanized. I went with galvanized bolts, nut and 2 washers, one each side of the vent. I'm concerned with the rust and long lasting.
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    Pork butt kind of dry - over cooked?

    From what I am hearing I think the butt may not have been ready. Could you shred the pork or did you have to chop? I recommend buying bone in butts, its a natural temperature gauge, once it wiggles clean your done.
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    Ash Catcher Help for '96 Performer

    There is an older thread where someone manufactured one. I have a 97 Mastertouch with the bar thats in great shape. You can get the new ash catcher system and cut small slits where the three legs would normally tie into and it will fit right in. Search the thread's under mods. I know that...
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    What to do?!

    I hate to make this suggestion, I would not cook inside a structure. I would start the cook outside on thw wsm and when your meat gets to 150 and its has taken in all the smoke I would finish it off in the oven. Its a more controlled environment and wrap in hd al to finish it quicker if your...
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    Stubbs sale?

    Last time I saw it was at Lowes 3 years ago. Haven't seen it on sale since. I bought 20 bags back then, still have 8 bags left. I use it for special occasions like a 49 day aged cab that I will be smoking this weekend.
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    Kingsford Blue vs. Kingsford Competition

    Obviously Competion is going to be more expensive is a better product. If I'm doing a nice cut off may like a cab I'm going with competition or stuubs. If in doing butts n ribs I'm going with the blue. It's all based on your body. Competition burns longer with less ash, whereas the blue...
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    Should I get a WSM??? HELP!! I can't make up my mind

    Go with the 22, you wont regret it. If you wanna do small cooks get a 22 off CL or wait until the 14.5 comes out.
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    temp & fuel question

    The more lit briquettes used in the mm the higher the temperature will be. I usually start off with half a chimney of lit K. I'm in Orlando too, Waterford Lakes area. Where are you. I've never had issues with mildew. My wsm sits outside covered.
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    # of racks per foil wrapped pack

    One per rack, i like to double them in al. If your gonna put them in a cooler make sure to boil some water and leave it in the cooler and let it heat up. That way when you put the foiled ribs in along with the warm towel it will stay hot for awhile.
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    I want to sleep

    You can get it at Target, I attached the link below. I think i picked mine up a couple of years ago either at Ross or TJMaxx...
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    WSM Capacity for Ribs

    I have two of those racks and I have done 18 racks at one time on my wsm 22. I did trimmed spares. I do a couple of big cooks a year. Cook them at around 275 when they get to the desired color wrap them in foil. You can it done in 5 to 6 hours. You should be fine.
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    Need rib cook info

    I used to smoke with water and then the saucer and now just a foiled pan. You can get spares done in 6 hours at 275, no foil, just don't add to much wood so they don't get overly dark and don't go overboard with the sugar if your making your rub. If you have a saucer in there it will hold it...
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    4lb Pork loin cooking help

    If you don't want the en s to burn try covering the ends with aluminum foil once they have reached your desired color.
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    Looking for finger type food ideas

    Try a bacon explosion
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    I want to sleep

    The picture shows the rib rack holding 6 ribs and is as far left possible as it can be. This creates a space on the opposite end to accommodate a 7th rack. Just make sure they are all leaning in the same direct bone side up. The 7th rack will lean again the rib rack frame. You will note that...
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    I want to sleep

    It went well, smoked them at 200 to 220, they were done in 7 to 8 hours. I have two 6 rib rack holders. What I do is place 6 racks all bone side or the side that pulls back up facing up. They are all going to bend, like a crescent, once in the rib rack. So I place them where they all bend in...
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    I want to sleep

    I know. I was hoping there was another strategy. I just finished 5 butts total weight 43 lbs in 9 hours at 275 and foiled the last 2 hours. I guess I will have to throw them on at 1am to get me to 8am.
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    I want to sleep

    I have to smoke 16 racks of trimmed spares(136 lb) tonight for an office function tomorow at 11:30am. I normally do spares at 275-300 and I'm done in 6 hours. I'm thinking of putting them on at midnight at 225. How long do you they will take? I wanna sleep through the night and I plan using...