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    SJP--leg extensions?

    If you are just using it around home a 30 gal oil or grease drum with the top cut out will work.My friend down the street cooks everything on his.Even does pork roast ,ribs,steaks and burgers.He just sets his SJP on the top and fires it up.
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    Just can't keep my 22 OTS temp consistant (indirect) even w/ Fire Bricks

    I always keep my top vent 100% open with no problems.Bottom vents about 15 to 20% open will set at 250 degrees for 2 to 2 and one half hours.
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    Meat Injection Syringe

    I was in Sears just yesterday and saw a plastic job for around seven bucks. It looked sturdy enough to try it out.It was near the lawn mower section. Mike
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    For those in and around Orange County, CA...

    Looks like a good price,just did a small one yesterday for lunch.Paid $3.99 Sprouts in Tustin. Wow it come out tasty and tender. How large are they at PlowBoys?
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    2.6 lb Chunk of brisket flat

    Well brisket been on for two hours.Kettle holding 335 or so for the entire two hours.Just probed it and reading 178 meat temp. Seemed tough so its wrapped in foil now. Got about 2 hours till lunch will probe for tenderness in about 90 min.
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    2.6 lb Chunk of brisket flat

    If using the high heat should I still wrap in bacon.
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    2.6 lb Chunk of brisket flat

    I want to smoke a chunk of brisket flat on my 22" kettle.Any tips to keep it from drying out?Looks like the butcher trimmed most of the fat off.Like to have it done for a 1pm lunch.Any ideas?? Thanks Mike
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    Bison or Beef Steak Rub

    Kevin how did you make the plantains with cumin and lime Please?
  9. M - Any experiences?

    Just ordered some of the black cherry, want to try it with chicken or ribs. I can't seem to find it around S. Calif.anywhere. Thanks for the web site. Mike
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    Ever use Royal Oak Natural wood Charcoal?

    I am using the briquets in a kettle and it seems to work as well as Rancher, don't know about the lump. Mike
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    new 26.5 kettle

    Do you think Weber will make the 26 inch kettle in the performer model? I realy love my 22 inch one but would love to have a 26 in.Performer. Mike
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    Two butts on a kettle

    Yes I think I will get some of the fire bricks,I did rotate the butts at about 3 and a half hours.Started at about 5am and just pulled one to the cooler at 2pm. Do you use salt in your rubs,I used Pappys with no salt and meat does not have much flavor guess I can add some when I pull them...
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    Two butts on a kettle

    Do you think I can do two butts on my kettle,about 5 and a half lbs each. How long if I try the higher temps like 275/285 ? Foil or no foil. Thanks Mike
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    Electric Food Slicer

    I have the Krups does a nice job and easy to clean
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    How many bags of Rancher?

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    Capacola, Italian cold cut (hot ham )

    Thanks Kevin for the info on capacolla, I have been busy this week with lots of tamales and no time. When I eat up the piece of cappi leftover from the small gifts. I will start to order some spices and some cure.Maybe after the 1st of the year.I saw your reply to one of the knife questions and...
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    Capacola, Italian cold cut (hot ham )

    Boars Head Brand, HOT CAPPY cooked pork shoulder butt with natural juices ,coated with spices and paprika,cured with water,salt,sugar ,sodium phosphate,sodium nitrite,sodium erythorbate. Could something like this be made at home,maybe using my kettle. Thanks Mike
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    Weekend Cooks?

    What you use for the pork loins.? Do you bank coals on one side and loin on the other,or coals on both sides and loin in the center. I want to try one on my 22 inch performer.Tks Mike
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    Making Chili Powder

    What do you use to grind your chiles with?
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    weber poultry roaster

    How do you use the chicken beer holder on the performer.Is it hard to hold that 350 temp on the kettle.Had about 6 good cooks with ribs and ready to try chicken.Can you find the weber chicken holder at Home Depot? thanks Mike