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    ? For people that cook with a foiled pan and a full load of meat.

    So you do a couple layers to make sure the foil doesn't rip? I have at least 2 inches of grease the imbedded itself to my pan.
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    ? For people that cook with a foiled pan and a full load of meat.

    I just did a large Cook in my wsm and one of them ran low on water which means I burnt the hell out of my water pan in that one , so for people that run foil on a large cook all the fat that ends up in the foiled pan do you change the foil mid cook at all? I had a lot of fat in there from 4...
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    I have 8 pork butts to cook on wsm 's opinions welcomed !!

    Every thing turned out real good , but with that much meat in there I will never again run water, water was building up underneath my coals causing temp drops. So I had to remove the coal baskets twice to drain the water.
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    I have 8 pork butts to cook on wsm 's opinions welcomed !!

    I have the 2 18.5 ones going. One is a 1993 and one is a 2011 model. The older one took a lot a longer to get to temp and I lit them the same way, kinda funny I don't move as fast anymore either lol
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    I have 8 pork butts to cook on wsm 's opinions welcomed !!

    Did a test fit and all 8 on the 22 are tight, can be done though. 4 on an 18 with some real light trimming they wouldn't even touch.
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    I have 8 pork butts to cook on wsm 's opinions welcomed !!

    Let's start with what I have, I have 2 18.5 wsm and 1 22.5. In my head I was thinking to do 4 butts in each of my 18.5 cookers, because in my head they will both run about the same. I have 15 hours max to do this.
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    Old guys--- Veteran WSM owners chime in -- Is the 22 upgrade worthwhile?

    I have all 3, the 22 is huge so if that's what ya want is more room do it , you can easily fit 2 briskets flat in there
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    Just got a WSM. Advice appreciated

    That dome is much hotter or cooler than you think, that's why you have uneven cooking going on get a grate thermometer even if its a cheapo
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    Dry Brine??

    Just use less salt next time, no need to wash it. like a 1/2 tsp per pound of meat, 2.5 tbs salt total is all i would have used for your bird, and i would not have rubbed it on the meat itself, just salt the skin it will soak through, Im not sure what chris was thinking on that one. :rolleyes:
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    anyone cram baby back ribs into a 14.5

    I was planning on rolling the ribs on the wsm's, i will have to see i guess, i was pretty sure all i could fit on the 22 was 6 per shelf rolled? i now have a loaner 18.5 too
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    anyone cram baby back ribs into a 14.5

    Just wondering how much i can add to my cook if i run the little guy too, if i run my backwoods, my 22.5 and 18.5 i should be able to do 32 racks can i up it too 38 with the little guy?
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    Using Lower Grate

    Maybe it was because i had that pan right full 3/4 full is probably better
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    Using Lower Grate

    It went that way the whole time, but i have never noticed uneven cooking
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    Who uses the water pan? Advice?

    I do like water cookers best i even bought myself a backwoods, you cant beat a water cooker thats my 2cents.
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    I think my butcher has no clue

    na man cook that sucker its better than just the butt, the end that would be part of the picnic will be sweeter, once you cook that you may nt want to do just the butt, cook it exactly like the butt though, probin like butter. it should fit in the 22, you may have to trim the lower bone part a...
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    No Lump?

    lump is all i have been burning in my 14.5, they say not to because its not as uniform and consistant.
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    Uneven Cooking WSM issue

    The more care you give your meat and cooker during the cook like flipping it and even adding wood chunks as you need will give a better end product.
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    Help with largest Brisket ever.

    Freezing it doesnt change anything. The larger the brisket the better the end product will be. As far as thawing a cooler will work fine. I would pull it atleast a few days in advance. If its cryovac then you dont need a pan under it in the fridge it will not leak, just wrap some paper towl...
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    Smoking With 18.5 OTS?

    The ring of fire method is about the easiest way to do it on a kettle. It would give you a little more room as well, try load your cooker both ways without lighting it just to see the extra room you will have
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    Using Lower Grate

    I measured my 14.5 the other day with a maverick and two grill probes, the top was 50 f hotter, this was with a full water pan