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  1. Ken Mc

    Maverick ET-132 Probes

    amazon sells them as well, but spendy... but 6 footers..
  2. Ken Mc

    1963 Plainsman

    I have no idea how you come up with these scores Stephen. Looks great ! Ken
  3. Ken Mc

    Should I go with the 18.5" or 22.5"?

    I initially bought the 22, works great. Then I found a great deal on a CL 18, works great. I find I use the 18 more than the 22, but as stated, it's nice to have the big boy when needed. If I were to do it again, I would buy both again, but go to CL for both instead of full price. just my...
  4. Ken Mc

    Yet another Craig's List appraisal.

    congrats on the score! On a side note, when it comes time to refill the tank, do not go and buy a new 50.00 tank, just have the one on it re-certified. It's a lot cheaper. I had 4 done that way.
  5. Ken Mc

    Vintage Weber Shish Kabob Set

    Great find ! I agree with Bob. The fellas would love the pics and your score, We LOVE pics !!! Ken
  6. Ken Mc

    Target Copper the same as new Copper?

    But easily turned into a gold!
  7. Ken Mc

    Rotisserie vs. the Performer does it fit?

    have the old style and it works, but out of round. Now I am not sure about now, if they make them better, but if not, Cajun Bandit is the way to go. It will fit any 22 weber kettle or you can buy one that fits the kettle AND the WSM. Just my opinion. I prefer the C. B. Ken
  8. Ken Mc

    Got a chance to upgrade to a 22"..... should I?

    I have both an 18 and 22. I use the 22 more. I have done over nighters with it as well with no worries on temp. If you have a chance at a 22 for a good price, jump on it. Ken
  9. Ken Mc

    SS Door

    had to tweek my original weber door, but no problems....although the CB does look really nice and is a bit heavier duty. (JMO) Ken
  10. Ken Mc

    Handle Mods

    bought some for wsm. the handles are orange...having the metal part painted black, then adding dark ebony wood will look sweeeeet...
  11. Ken Mc

    Weber cast iron sear grate

    wife bought me this last year. Not impressed. I use the grill more without the center in. She bought me Cracorts this year. Niiiiice....
  12. Ken Mc

    Size of the 22" WSM

    Have both, the 18 and 22. I use the 22 more ...
  13. Ken Mc

    My WSM cart and handle mods

    Nice Milan !!! Hey, and your a homee......not too many of us Washingtonians here .lol... Welcome
  14. Ken Mc

    My WSM cart and handle mods

    Hawks wagon has ALWAYS been full !!!! EVERY single home game is always sold out ! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
  15. Ken Mc

    Glove recommendations?

    Weber has gloves as well. They sell the welder type and then a smaller type as well.
  16. Ken Mc

    new guy from washington

    welcome Dan. Washington here too. Ken
  17. Ken Mc

    Weber UPC

    bought a couple bags of Pecan wood chips yesterday and noticed the same bar code. pretty cool Ken
  18. Ken Mc

    Not available from the Weber Store On-line....

    That's strange, cause I did buy it on line for my kid. I didn't have to call. The lady is wrong. Not thrilled with the people Weber has employed. Some don't know squat !!
  19. Ken Mc

    Not available from the Weber Store On-line....

    just bought one 2 weeks ago from Weber online store ! Odd... $24.80, I just now went there and checked it out. I went to shop/replacement parts/grill accessories/charcoal/ BAM !! there it is! Ken
  20. Ken Mc

    Redhead update!

    looks GREAT !!! Ken