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  1. Karl Freienmuth

    Brisket price???

    Don't forget to have a look in Costco, if you have one near. USDA Prime runs around $3.00 # in Phoenix area.
  2. Karl Freienmuth

    Weber Jumbo Joe 22" Premium Charcoal Grill

    New model & the first thing to do is modify the bottom vent? Why didn't Weber think of that?:confused:
  3. Karl Freienmuth

    Trying for a good shredded BBQ beef

    The beef looks great!! As does your set-up! At what temp did you pull from the gasser? I found 200* was too soon & have run mine to 210 to 215 to shred like pork.
  4. Karl Freienmuth

    Spicy Oragne-Ginger Pork Tenderloin Steaks

    I'm late to this party, but good gawd that looks amazing!!!
  5. Karl Freienmuth

    Sam's Meat Prices?

    Rich... In the last 2 months, Fry's has had Baby Backs & St. Louis ribs from $1.99 to $2.99 # on sale. There have been a 2 rack limit though. I made several trips when they were $1.99# & stocked up. I'm fortunate enough to have a separate freezer. Keep an eye out, the sale prices may get better...
  6. Karl Freienmuth

    Walmart Sale on Royal Oak and Kingsford *****

    I'll be loading a shopping cart with Kingsford tomorrow for 25¢ a lb. Maybe even one of those garden flatbed carts. :cool:
  7. Karl Freienmuth

    Walmart Sale on Royal Oak and Kingsford *****

    The weekly add I'm seeing states twin 18# KBB @ $8.98.
  8. Karl Freienmuth

    It may not be a "Performer," but for $15 it gets the job done!

    Your table looks great! Price was right as well!
  9. Karl Freienmuth

    Royal Oak, Walmart, 17.6# $8, From Weekly circular *****

    I've never used Best of the West or Cowboy. My experience is RO sparks just a tiny bit, now & then, but nothing blasting out of the cooker. Only happens during initial fire-up.
  10. Karl Freienmuth

    Royal Oak, Walmart, 17.6# $8, From Weekly circular *****

    I grabbed 5 bags of the RO off the top of the pallet. Nice fluffy bags! :o The Kingsford twin 13.9's were still at the regular $14.88 price. Will check Sunday for the $8.98 sale price. If it's not on sale, I'll whip out the smartphone & show em. :cool:
  11. Karl Freienmuth

    Ever see a therm added to the bowl?

    What!!?? No Maverick & Thermopen?? pffft..... ;)
  12. Karl Freienmuth

    State by State Meat Map

    Limes in Arizona,,, for margaritas & exilante, exilante, exilante on tacos!! Just ask Tony & Maribel ;)
  13. Karl Freienmuth

    Prepping for 2 Shake Down Cruises

    So, what do you think of the cover?
  14. Karl Freienmuth

    Wood chunks vs. a smoke generator

    My experience has been only using chunks. I am satisfied with the results, as has been everyone who has tasted the cheese I have smoked. The Amazen Smoke Generator may have it's place in someones arsenal, but currently, I can't justify it. Smoke from a pellet, a chip or a chunk is all the...
  15. Karl Freienmuth

    Need a little with this red weber

    Excellent find Tony! WoW! Exterior looks clean! Try this for for your ash pan....
  16. Karl Freienmuth

    Smoked Pastrami on the 14.5

    That's a beauty for sure!! Corned beef will be on sale in a week!! I'll be a buyer.
  17. Karl Freienmuth

    Got lucky....

    We need pictures of cooks Tony..... :D Soon!!
  18. Karl Freienmuth

    Prepping for 2 Shake Down Cruises

    Congrats JP on the toys! You'll enjoy them!:) Whats your 1st impression of the Classic Accessories Veranda Cover? Did you get one for both? I've been looking at the Veranda or Hickory covers. Thanks....
  19. Karl Freienmuth

    OTG Chili Medley and Chili Rellenos

    Wow!! Looks scrumptious!!
  20. Karl Freienmuth

    Smoking cheese this weekend

    If it's going to be a cold weekend, you could start with a couple extra briquettes, and pull them as your temps rise. I've never had the opportunity to smoke cheese ..... or anything, below 45° outside temperature. :D