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  1. Steve_Williams

    Brisket March2017

    That's a great price per lb for prime brisket
  2. Steve_Williams

    Hanging Ribs

    Always wanted to this. Wasn't sure if they would cook evenly. Nice to know. How many racks do you think you could hang? I can 6 on both racks curled up. Might be nicer to cook 6 hanging
  3. Steve_Williams


    Great looking brisket. That looks like big one. Don't think that would fit my 18.5. I'm jealous !
  4. Steve_Williams

    Weeknight Cheeseburgers

    Great hump day dinner
  5. Steve_Williams

    Dual Spinnin' Spares

    Noticed your cook temp was high. Is that normal for your rib cooks? Or does the rotisserie require that?
  6. Steve_Williams

    Superbowl Sunday 5 hour ribs

    Those look like some meaty ribs. Turned out great!
  7. Steve_Williams

    First time smoking. EVER. Whole packer prime brisket and pork butt

    Great looking cook. I've found my 18.5 is perfect. The 22 uses a lot more fuel. I'd only get it if the 18 is really too small.
  8. Steve_Williams

    Belated Prime Rib Christmas Dinner

    That is an awesome cook! Well done. You cook motivates me to step it up!
  9. Steve_Williams

    Winter priority #1...

    Wow, it is down to 50 and it's cold to me. Your family is lucky to have you. Haha
  10. Steve_Williams

    St. Louis spares on the WSM with new toys.

    Great job! Look �� great!
  11. Steve_Williams

    Fire Roasted Wings for friends 40th birthday

    Nice seeing a cook in the WSM with wood. I've never tried that. With the wings you probably want a hotter fire.
  12. Steve_Williams

    2lb Brisket Flat

    Great job. I had some of my flats not get real tender. Yours looks great.
  13. Steve_Williams

    Monday pig parts

    Sorry I not up to speed on this meat. What meat is it started with and what is its final purpose? Looks great!
  14. Steve_Williams

    Hickory Smoked Tri Tip on the Performer

    Love me some tri tip. Great looking cook
  15. Steve_Williams

    Enrico inspired Costco Prime Short Ribs

    My mouths watering! Looks great! We're the ribs expensive?
  16. Steve_Williams

    Bacon 3 Ways for Dinner

    Love bacon, great looking cook!
  17. Steve_Williams

    Tardy BUT wanted to Share Our WSM Bird

    Yes, yes, yes I am late. But seeing all the other birds motivated me to show mine. Used TVWSM cooking tips. Target temp was anything north of 300'F for 3 plus hours. 18# bird on my 18.5 WSM. Had 3/4 chimney of unlit in smoker and added 1/2 chimney of lit. Ended having to add another 1/3...
  18. Steve_Williams

    Thanksgiving turkey on the 26"

    Looks great. I wish I had posted mine.
  19. Steve_Williams

    Tri Tip Sandwiches

    Looks great!
  20. Steve_Williams


    Everything in moderation is fine! or cheat a little every now and then.......