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    First attempt at a high heat brisket.

    Looks great! Same me some leftovers.
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    What kind of wood is good for a brined turkey?

    Thanks! I will go with 2 fist size and another small chunk to split the difference. I just got the bird out of the brine and into a fridge. Knock on wood that my cheesy non wireless probes will help me get the bird off at the right time! (I think some better probes may be on the way from...
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    turkey on the rotisserie question

    Haha. My only input on this question is he needs to buy a Performer or WSM :)
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    Pork Loin on the Rotisserie!

    That looks great Mr. Six.
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    What kind of wood is good for a brined turkey?

    I have the bird in the brine as well. I was going to ask the same question. It sounds like apple will be a good place to start. How many slightly smaller than a fist size pieces of wood would everyone use to go with regular Kingsford?
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    Two newbie questions.

    The real story is we had a "cook off", but it was really just getting together for dinner. SSix is further ahead in smoking than I am, but I have now tried around 15 pork butts. I am starting to like my own brand better than others. SSix made a nice butt, but I had a good laugh imagining...
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    Two newbie questions.

    I love that idea. Thanks!
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    Two newbie questions.

    I am the champion of the weekend smoke off with S.Six 8 days ago. I bet even S.Six really thinks I won. I got a WSM a couple of months ago. I have done a couple of racks of ribs, but I have been doing Boston Butts and a few picnic roasts for the most part. Thanks everyone for the good...
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    Two newbie questions.

    1) What is the best way to clean ash out of the bottom with remaining briquets? Do you gather the briquets up into another container and then lift the grill, or lift the grill with the leftovers on? Perhaps another way? When I smoke a pork butt I like to add a full lit chimney for the last...