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  1. Bill Hall

    A few great cooks w/ Ceramic briquettes

    Sounds like it went well. The brown flaking usually only happens to me when I use water. With a dry pan or ceramic briquettes, I haven't had it happen.
  2. Bill Hall

    My Copper Turd Mods

    I wish Weber would do the 26er in any color besides black.
  3. Bill Hall

    30 minute ribs

    I've always wanted to try straight grilling ribs. Yours looked good. I'll have to test some out.
  4. Bill Hall

    Birthday Loin Backs

    Great looking ribs. Judging by the color, they look like they got just the right amount of smoke.
  5. Bill Hall

    Deep Ocean Blue 22 Kettle

    Unfortunately no
  6. Bill Hall

    Deep Ocean Blue 22 Kettle

    Oh dang, it looks like they were popular. There are some websites that say it ships in 6-8 weeks but probably not worth it. The smoke and slate blue colors are nice as well.
  7. Bill Hall

    Deep Ocean Blue 22 Kettle

    That's a mighty fine looking kettle. I noticed it was $30 cheaper than the other exclusive colors as well. If I was going to get a MT 22, it would either be this one or the smoke color.
  8. Bill Hall

    Turkey breast

    That's a great looking bird. Never cooked just a breast, I'll have to try it out.
  9. Bill Hall

    18.5 Cooking Grates Temperature Difference

    The top grate was higher than the lower grate. If I would have used ceramic briquettes like I usually do, both grates might have been around the same. If you use water, the lower grate might be even cooler.
  10. Bill Hall

    18.5 Cooking Grates Temperature Difference

    I actually just cooked 2 racks of spareribs on the WSM using both grates. I was too lazy to use a rib rack and just wanted to lay them flat. The temp difference was around 15 degrees for me most of the time. I used an empty water pan with foil. I imagine every cooker and cut of meat will be a...
  11. Bill Hall

    First time making spatchcock chicken on a WSM

    Not opposed to it at all. I ended up cooking mine at 325 and it was juicy and skin was crispy. I'll be cooking my next one on the kettle with the SnS to compare flavor profiles. I assume they will be about the same.
  12. Bill Hall

    It was being neglected

    Turkey breast looked good. I also feel bad for my WSM and break it out sometimes. I don't have a Smokefire but do most of my cooking on my kettle nowadays. Its hard to justify cooking for 2 on anything else sometimes.
  13. Bill Hall

    SNS Kettle?

    I would also take a 26er at that price. I want one bad, just waiting on the right time.
  14. Bill Hall

    Grilled Wings

    Wings look great. Sometimes less is more and keeping it simple pays off.
  15. Bill Hall

    My first boston butt

    Don't let it discourage you. I had quite a few mishaps before I started getting it right. Smoke on and have a good time.
  16. Bill Hall

    Beer Brats

    I have just started cutting about halfway through the onion in four places like I was going to quarter it and wrapping it in foil like you would a baked potato. Cook it for like 30 minutes and you have yourself a blooming onion just not fried.
  17. Bill Hall

    14 Butts in 22.5" WSM

    Oh dang, imagine having to refill that charcoal through the door every time. That midsection had some weight on it. Would have loved to see the results.
  18. Bill Hall

    A few great cooks w/ Ceramic briquettes

    I'm glad to see you tried the ceramic briquettes and it is working for you. The brisket and ribs look amazing. I just cooked a spatchcock chicken using them and the WSM held between 322 and 328 degrees for over two hours. Can't wait to see the pulled pork.
  19. Bill Hall

    Beer Brats

    Thanks Robert, yours looked excellent as well. If I don’t cook them reverse next time, I’m definitely going to put them back in the liquid to serve like you did.
  20. Bill Hall

    Beer Brats

    I have a buddy from Wisconsin that considers it blasphemy not to grill then bath in beer to keep warm. I'll have to try it in reverse next time.