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  1. Chip B

    Smoked booze?

    The above technique looks like a winner! An A-Maze-N smoke generator would be a good start. I've discovered that you can get a whole lot of smoke flavor pretty quickly from one of those things. Lay your gin in a pan with a cold smoke generator and check after an hour seems like a fine first attempt.
  2. Chip B

    My First Bacon

    Yummy! I need to try a wet cure.
  3. Chip B

    Best Process for Maple/Brown Sugar Bacon ??

    How did you end up curing the bacon? I used Bob's method too and in one batch I poured maple syrup in the bag with meat (about a TBS per pound) and cured it for about 10 or 12 days. After the cure, I rinsed the bacon and I massaged the bacon with more maple syrup and let it dry in the fridge for...
  4. Chip B

    Another Texan checking in

    Hi Michael. I'm in Houston too.
  5. Chip B

    Hello from ...Texas City!

    Hi Bob. I'm over in Houston enjoying this great weather we've been having.
  6. Chip B

    Hi from Texas

    Thanks all for the welcome. Jim, I can't say I have a specialty yet. I've cooked some great beer but chickens in the smoker and also chicken thighs that were great. This weekend I cooked a small brisket flat that turned out mefiocre. It was too small to set in the smoker for long but after...
  7. Chip B

    Hi from Texas

    Hi folks. I've been trolling this forum for a few months and decided to go ahead and register. Many of the forum members have already helped me get started using my WSM without even knowing. Thanks for a great place to talk about BBQ and smoking.