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  1. Dan Moore

    Weber Kettle Work Table 90's vintage still on store shelf

    I bought one shortly after purchasing my OTG in 2006. I went to the hardware store and got a can of polyurethane and put multiple coats on it. Never really liked the setup, so I just used the board as a serving plate. I like the newer, plastic ones much better as you can remove them easily...
  2. Dan Moore

    Cast Iron grates for SJS worth it?

    Jose, I have had a set of Craycorts for my SJS for a couple of years. You can't beat them for searing, heat distribution and heat retention. I really like them and never fire up the grill without them.
  3. Dan Moore

    Hello from Maine

    Welcome to the group, fellow Mainer!:o Dan
  4. Dan Moore

    Your opinion of best rib rack for WSM?

    That rack, from Steven Raichlen, was my first rib rack. It works okay but it is an absolute nightmare to clean. I bought the new Weber model and it is a vast improvement. Dan
  5. Dan Moore

    WSM Accessories. . .

    Brian, I cover my WSM with a trash bag and then place the Weber cover over it. If the Weber cover leaks, the trash bag keeps water out of the smoker.
  6. Dan Moore

    You gotta love Amazon! must have been verrrry good this year! Congratulations and good luck with your new toys.
  7. Dan Moore

    Gourmet BBQ System

    Like others, I really like the extra thickness of the grate. Now if Weber would make one in stainless.....
  8. Dan Moore

    How long have these mini Weber replica grills been around?

    Greg, I have a pair of these atop one of my bookcases. You wouldn't believe how many offers to buy them I have received. I keep an eye on them when company comes calling.
  9. Dan Moore

    To Clean or not to clean?

    Actually, you can use soap on cast iron IF you have properly seasoned it beforehand and you don't scrub it with a metal pad. I used to believe that you couldn't use soap until I read that Kevin Kruger gave it an OK.
  10. Dan Moore

    To Clean or not to clean?

    I unfortunately, am one of those obsessive compulsive types who likes the grill pristine. I spray with oven cleaner and soak the Craycort grates in Dawn. Can't help myself; I like a really clean grill.
  11. Dan Moore

    accessories fixes

    George, I love reading your posts. You regularly have good advice and ideas!
  12. Dan Moore

    Is a WSM right for me?

    Andrew, I'm in the same situation as you and I have never regretted purchasing an 18.5" WSM. I have made many pounds of bacon, slab and Buckboard, and I use a Foodsaver to keep a steady supply for the cold months. I also invested in a chest freezer which I keep amply stocked. As others have...
  13. Dan Moore

    First Time Injecting

    Matt, I injected chicken breasts with a lemon marinade and let them marinate in the fridge for a few hours only to have them turn to mush inside. With citrus or vinegar based marinades, you can grill them immediately after injecting. I also use a teriyaki based marinade and refrigerate for an...
  14. Dan Moore

    Would you buy a SS Kabob Ring & Skewer set?

    Personally, I like Fire Wires. They are flexible so you can lay them anywhere on the grill. Additionally, you can load them up and then submerge them into a container of marinade. They are cheap too!
  15. Dan Moore

    Weber 7421 Gourmet BBQ System Griddle/ and Ebelskiver for use on SJS

    Thanks George. I have been reluctant to use the griddle on my SJS but based on your wealth of knowledge, I will give it a go soon.
  16. Dan Moore

    Weber 7421 Gourmet BBQ System Griddle/ and Ebelskiver for use on SJS

    I have both a SJ and the Griddle and I would agree with George that it could be used. One question that I would have is the airflow. There isn't a great deal of clearance left at the top once the griddle is laid upon the grill. In the short run, that wouldn't create a problem but I would be...
  17. Dan Moore

    Check Out THIS Nifty Little Item:

    For that price, you can have a new WSM and cook a whole lot more food too!
  18. Dan Moore

    I'll pass on a recipe if it calls for (blank)!! *****

    Cilantro reminds me of the times (too many to mention) when my mother 'washed my mouth out' with Ivory soap!
  19. Dan Moore

    Cast Iron Grilling

    I seem to recall someone, Kevin perhaps, saying that a well seasoned cast iron pan could be cleaned with soap if you didn't scrub it with a metal brush. I have to say that I have begun to soak my Craycort grates for the Smokey Joe in the sink with Dawn dish soap. I scrub them with a stiff...
  20. Dan Moore

    Man on Fire

    Bill, the pics tell the story from A to Z. Glad to see that it turned out well for you. Thanks for sharing!