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  1. MikeS in Alaska

    Is the forum having issues

    Appears to be a bit sluggish on this end today.
  2. MikeS in Alaska

    Point of the bottom charcoal ash pan?

    heat shield so you don't set the shanty on fire. I tweaked the tabs on the legs to hold mine in place when I dump the ashes.
  3. MikeS in Alaska

    Grill Icons

    You can insert "smilies" in your signature or in a regular post at your choice. Click the smiliey face in the bar above the text box. :blackkettle::redmastertouch::maroonkettle::redgenesis1::blackgenesis1000::originalkettle:
  4. MikeS in Alaska

    Why I'm Done With Reverse Searing

    I am more inclined to reverse sear thicker steaks over an 1 1/4 or better. But seldom can afford them.
  5. MikeS in Alaska

    When did it cease to be news?

    Who, what, when, where, why - and how. Spare me how you feel about it. Like Sergeant Friday sez, "Just the facts, Ma'am." (he never actually said that)
  6. MikeS in Alaska

    I'm battlin carpenter ants

    Not bait but I’ve dusted with plain old 20 mule team Borax. Works for roaches too. But when they got out of hand I called a local pest company.
  7. MikeS in Alaska

    Have you started your garden?

    I use either Neem or Azamax when required and Sluggo.
  8. MikeS in Alaska

    Have you started your garden?

    It does in the Arctic. I have three varieties of tomatoes and three of peppers 🌶 in a grow tent. They are doing great. It’s the only way short of a greenhouse I can get a decent yield on the warm weather crops. When I get rich I’ll put in a heated 12x20 in the front yard
  9. MikeS in Alaska

    What do you guys (and gals) use for charcoal storage?

    In the bag, in the shed. The brand du jour for a cook is metered out in a metal pail as needed. I only keep a couple hundred pounds around at any given time. Lump and briquette.
  10. MikeS in Alaska

    Fresh from the garden

    The cabbage family grows well under the Midnight Sun. The head weighed five pounds and was eighteen inches across.
  11. MikeS in Alaska

    Fresh from the garden

    Just harvested Bok Choy. Trimmed, brushed with olive oil, a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Grill on high heat for 10 minutes a side or as needed Grilled on the silver b.
  12. MikeS in Alaska

    Have you started your garden?

    Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) indoors
  13. MikeS in Alaska

    What's the craziest weather you're ever grilled in?

    Over 40 years ago when we arrived in Alaska I swore I'd never grill in the snow or during a snow storm. Well, that promise didn't last long. I will say the Genesis Silver B made winter cooks less painful.
  14. MikeS in Alaska

    Re: Bugs while grilling

    I love the smell of DEET in the morning. It smells like victory...
  15. MikeS in Alaska

    Not enough Weber stuff for Smoke day

    Looks a bit short
  16. MikeS in Alaska

    Chimney starter

    I use a propane torch to light off a chimney of briquettes or lump. Takes about a minute to set it off.
  17. MikeS in Alaska

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    I have just been informed the menu will include a slab of St. Louis ribs and a whole chicken.
  18. MikeS in Alaska

    New to me WSM 18.5

    Some like the notch because it’s quick. I would be more inclined to retrofit a now standard side grommet. But that’s just me.
  19. MikeS in Alaska

    New to me WSM 18.5

    Thermometer and side handles are mods. Has a notch or side grommets been added for probe cables?
  20. MikeS in Alaska

    Bacon wrapped pork loin - how would you cook it?

    I like to wrap pork tenderloin in bacon then grill with indirect heat. A pork loin is a different matter, I would look at unwrapping it then do a wet brine or injection of some sort and loosely drape the bacon over it. Then indirect heat until center is desired temp. It's easy to end up with a...