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  1. Bob Hunter

    Phoenix Area Meat - Reasonable Butcher?

    Not sure what part of the Valley you are in but for East Valley I use Gilbert Butchery for the non Costco cuts. I also use The Pork Shop in San Tan Valley for my Pork cuts.
  2. Bob Hunter

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    Great input. So what I'm seeing here is majority don't use water, with a combination of empty bowls, plates, and or pot bases. Those that are using water talk about using it either because that's how the smoker was built or as a good heat sync / stabilizer. No where have I seen anyone talking...
  3. Bob Hunter

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    Something new. I like it. So far I am seeing no one recommending water, here interesting. Wonder if this is specific to the WSM?
  4. Bob Hunter

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    @Karl Quist , Luckily I have an older WSM with the shallow water pan, which is why the first mod I ever did on my WSM, after the vey first cook spent all night refilling the water pan, was to buy the Brinkman pan. Problem with it was that it is thin sheet metal. Only used it a couple more times...
  5. Bob Hunter

    To water pan, clay pot base, sand? What's your pleasure

    So I have had my WSM going on 20 years now, I am coming to of period of low to no usage. It's been a couple years since I've really used it. Anyway, as I am getting back into barbeque I am trying to reeducate myself on trends and adaptations to the art. Back in the day we had a pretty good...
  6. Bob Hunter

    Auto temp control

    My Stoker finally died. It was one of the first and It's been a great tool. Can't even imagine how many cooks and hours it has seen. Anyway what is everyone using these days? Are there new IOT devices that do the job?
  7. Bob Hunter

    First Brisket Ever(Flat)

    Looking good
  8. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    Here is the recipe I use. I'm no great inventor, I have just taken what others have put out there and tweaked it a bit over the years. This is what I have found works for me and mine. Cure (About a 10-14 lb Brisket) 2 gallon water 3 Cup Kosher Salt 3 TblSpn Prague Powder #1 8 TblSpn Pickling...
  9. Bob Hunter

    StL pork ribs + T bone steak sous vide

    That looks fantastic. I'm hungry now
  10. Bob Hunter

    Beef Dinosaur Ribs

    Wow, looks great. Those ribs look like they came right out of the Flintstones.
  11. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    Thanks Len. I'll give it a try next time
  12. Bob Hunter

    Weight Loss Journey

    Kemper that is awesome. You should be so proud. I have been on a similar journey. I'm down to 215 from 285 since September, the set backs occur but keep on trucking.
  13. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    Finished up preparing the pastrami. Sliced up the two brisket, OMG these are the best I have ever made. Only problem is I think I slightly over steamed them and the meat slices are a little too delicate and falls apart way easy. But talk about melts in your mouth. OH man mouth watering thinking...
  14. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    Sliced the Round Roast. I'm not overly impressed with it. Seems kinda on the dry side. But it is edible.
  15. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    Meat has come off the smoker and now it is cooling down. Tomorrow I will steam it and slice. Yum
  16. Bob Hunter

    Pastrami Again...

    So two weeks ago I made Pastrami after a few years. It was fantastic, unfortunately the family killed it within 3 days. So I decided to make a another batch, this time I am doing 2 full packers and 8 lbs of Round roast. I've never tried anything other than brisket before hope the Roasts turn...
  17. Bob Hunter

    Hot Wings around the Vortex

    That is interesting, never really thought much about getting one, but dang those wings look good
  18. Bob Hunter

    Time for some Pastrami

    lol, that's what happened to a bunch of slices that didn't slice "right" :p
  19. Bob Hunter

    Recipe to make Turkey Pastrami lunch meat

    Thanks guys, I'll give a go.