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  1. John Osmond

    Weber Original Charcoal Pizza Oven (Weber Part No 6520)

    I think Claude mentioned he got his 6520 for about $220. If so, that's great!!! It's not much more than they were going for last year, here in the US. When they ran a test market last May in a few Ace Hardware Stores, I picked one up for $150. After we posted their availability here on...
  2. John Osmond

    Weber Warming Rack 3200 for 22" Kettle

    Now that the 3200 Warming Rack is being included in the Master Touch 22", I am starting to see these on Amazon and other places. If you have been wanting to get one of these previously hard to find items, now is probably a good time to look.
  3. John Osmond

    Throwdown #22: Tailgate Party

    Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings!!!! Genius!!! My head just exploded. I have got to make me some of those.
  4. John Osmond

    Need help with repair

    Have you called Weber yet? My father dropped a ladder on his Performer about 2 weeks ago and cracked his table. Completely his fault but I had him call Weber anyways. At the worst, they could help him order a new one. Weber Support took his information and his sob story then said to him...
  5. John Osmond

    Throwdown #21: Sausages

    Alright, this should be a fun one!!! Great choice Timothy
  6. John Osmond

    When was the OTG Thermo Included

    I picked up a new 'Green' OTG in 2012 that did not have a thermo. But, it did come with a premium cover in the box. Mine is a 2012 year model 'AU'. However, it was 'REALLY EASY' to add a Thermo. I even found exact Weber Thermos online at Amazon.
  7. John Osmond

    Resurrected Weber Sequoia

    A good friend of mine had gotten a VERY distressed Weber Sequoia and had finally decided she was not going to be able to find the time to give it the love it needed, so she hesitantly passed it along. It was missing the original Avocado kettle which had rusted out of the cart entirely after it...
  8. John Osmond

    My American born Weber Pizza Oven

    I am not sure what happened to the pics, but I think I got it fixed. I used it again on Memorial Day, and it was great. I made more of a ring of Charcoal instead of laying out flat and the heat transfered much better. I also dropped some Oak Chunks through the vents and got the upper temps...
  9. John Osmond

    My American born Weber Pizza Oven

    As far as we have been able to tell, they are only sold at the Elliot's Ace Hardware in Brookfield. The cost is $150. The Manager there said they were a test market, so hopefully Weber will eventually roll them out everywhere, but you never can tell for sure. Ken, In regards to the Diffuser...
  10. John Osmond

    What does your Charcoal Weekend haul, I mean.. Memorial Day Weekend look like?

    My wife had her own plans for filling the back of the car while we were out shopping today, but I was able to sneak in 4 2x20's at Home Depot. I am hoping that I can getaway long enough to snag a few more tomorrow.
  11. John Osmond

    Throwdown #20: Pork Chops

    Balsamic Pork Chops with Fresh Strawberry Salsa We have been hoping spring would finally come around here in Wisconsin, so to help it along, we decided on a fresh seasonal delight. We started with a simple 25year Balsamic Vinegar to marinade a few simple Pork Chops right out of the butcher...
  12. John Osmond

    My American born Weber Pizza Oven

    For those of you who haven't noticed the recent chatter in the Grill Accessories section regarding the Weber Pizza Oven being sold in a single test market Ace Hardware here in Wisconsin, I am thrilled to share my pictures of some Pizza we tossed on this evening. I picked my oven up last...
  13. John Osmond

    Weber Charcoal Pizza Oven

    Yep, Brookfield Elliot's is where I picked mine up at. They only had 2 left on Wednesday when I was there last (One was open on display). The Pizza Oven specific display held 4, so maybe they got in another 4 or had more in the back. That's great if they are selling them quickly. Shows there...
  14. John Osmond

    Weber Charcoal Pizza Oven

    Best Day ever!! I walked into an Ace Hardware here in Wisconsin and they had just put 4 out on display. I picked one up for $150 and plan to break it in on Memorial Day. Although, I am not sure if they are typically selling in the US yet. The shipping label was to the Ace, but might have...
  15. John Osmond

    Pizza Kettle/Weber BBQ - Serious Eats Hack

    I know they don't sell them in the US, but I just picked one up at my local Ace Hardware. The shipping label did say it came from Holland, but for $150, I had to pull the trigger. I rushed it home and it looks sooo nice.
  16. John Osmond

    Throwdown #19: Beef Short Ribs

    Congrats Enrico!! And keep your chin up Ricardo, your entry looked great. Everyone did a great job, I was thoroughly impressed.
  17. John Osmond

    Throwdown #18: Beef Chuck Roast

    WOW is right, that chimichanga side cut is outstanding. Who would have guessed there was some heat coming out of Minnesota this time of year.
  18. John Osmond

    What kind of wood is good for a brined turkey?

    Hmm, well that’s a loaded question now isn't it. You'll probably get a different opinion from every person who responds. Me personally, I always use Pecan for anything poultry, but other mild smoke wood would work. If you’re going for the Apple Brine, why not try Apple Wood. For first time...
  19. John Osmond

    New 22.5" Kettle and Performer colors for 2014 - Crimson and Copper

    Well, I see the Copper is now available from Amazon, but nothing on the Crimson yet. 22.5 OTG Performer Gold Performer Platinum I even see the Copper color on the Weber site (no more blue), but still no Crimson!!!
  20. John Osmond

    PHOTOS: 2014 Weber Charcoal Grills

    Well, I see the Copper is now available from Amazon, but nothing on the Crimson yet. 22.5 OTG Performer Gold Performer Platinum I even see the Copper color on the Weber site (no more blue), but still no Crimson!!!