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  1. Bill Alan

    Weber Announces New Product Coming

    The Summit Charcoal Grill Center is almost perfect, and I dearly love it. It is quality built and as such is expensive. The Smokefire is literally a dumpster fire and pretty much a failure in use and for the company's reputation. But this is just one man's opinion. (But my wife is in total...
  2. Bill Alan

    Briskets, Pork Butts, & Desserts-Oh My!!

    The house next door is for sale. I will help you make payments.
  3. Bill Alan

    Dreamland BBQ Sauce

    Paul H. The is receipt is really close and I have used it somewhat modified as my taste suggested. I have used it for nearly 15 years not and put it side by side with Dreamland original. Thanks for your help.
  4. Bill Alan

    Contemplating Consolidation of Grills

    GWaye - Been there, done that. My line up of grills an smokers match yours and you wife and kids have the same taste as my family. They love it when I smoke on the WSM but I can't put wood on a grill without complaints. The Smokefire might solve your space problem but I expect you will find...
  5. Bill Alan

    SNS drip n griddle.

    It works really well with the SNS and does a great job catching the grease drips. It works really well when my wife does her speciality, basted chicken and prevents gumming up of the bottom air vents on the Weber Performer. I like it for long smoking cooks to direct the airflow into the...
  6. Bill Alan

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    It's not how many books you have but what you have learned. I have been learning about BBQ and Smoking for well over 50 years. A recipe is so much more than a list of ingredients. Pay attention to the technique and instructions. My award for the best books goes to Meathead by Meathead...
  7. Bill Alan

    Anyone smoke with pear wood?

    I cut down a pear tree in my yard a few years ago. I stacked it for a couple of summer months. I smoked a pork shoulder and later a few ribs using the dried wood. It produced some of the best smoke flavor I have ever had. It was a relatively mild flavor. I normally use hickory, oak, or...
  8. Bill Alan

    Deciding between Weber master touch, performer or summit E6

    You seem to have a good understanding of the pluses and minuses of these products and I agree with you that the performer premium is the best fit for you. I have owned and used all of these grills (except the E6) over some 40 years. I have used all the different versions and vintages of the...
  9. Bill Alan

    Forum Members Only: Win Maverick Redi-Chek ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer NIB

    Love the Maverick's. Mine is an older model and on it's last leg. Thanks for the offer. Bill in Nashville HogOEye
  10. Bill Alan

    30" Kettle - Would You?

    The Performer is my perfect grill/smoker. I have owned several, usually one or two at a time for decades. Every time I see one for sale at a unusually good price, I jump. I have owned almost every vintage and I don't make much difference in them. I still prefer the looks of the older models...
  11. Bill Alan

    New Barbecue Books for 2016

    Franklin Meat Smoking Manifesto Franklin's book is the best bar none. I have a shelf dedicated to BBQ books including those listed above. Meathead is a close second and he has a wonderful website Amazing Ribs. But only Franklin has the knowledge and skill to show you the right way to smoke a...