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  1. Linda

    Redo: Win a TVWB patch hat

    Oh yeah! I'm in! If I win one, I'll proudly wear it and make MikeyRay, my WSM18 proud as well! Thank you Chris!
  2. Linda

    What’s with the pop up ads?

    I've been getting them for the past couple of days. They are a bit annoying, but I just close them down and get on with it. I'm using Chrome.
  3. Linda

    First Charcoal Sale of the Year: KPro $5 Off at Costco. Starts 3/10/21.

    Just noticed my local Sam's Club has Kingsford BB 2-20lb packs on Instant savings for $16.98. Looks like the sale is on until March 28th. I have no idea about my not-so-local Sam's are doing! :rolleyes:
  4. Linda

    Would you eat this?

    Probably, but not in one sitting!:p
  5. Linda

    Exclusive Forum Member Prize Drawing: ThermoWorks WAND + Leather Case

    Yes please! I'm in! Thank you Chris!
  6. Linda

    RIP Fran Allingham

    Chris and Todd, my heart and prayers go out to you both and your families in this difficult time. linda
  7. Linda

    NEW! HD Weber Q

    I received this ad in an email from Weber today. Looks cool enough to me!
  8. Linda

    Instant Pot $79 on WOOT

    I just saw this on WOOT! Looks like a pretty god deal. Also on the Walmart website. Instant Pot IP-LUX60-ENW 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker w/ Mini Mitts for $79 + free shipping
  9. Linda

    Baked Bean Recipes

    Yup! Keri's Hog Apple Beans are the best ever! All my friends de4mand that I bring them to parties and I can't tell you how many times I've passed around the recipe!
  10. Linda

    Foodsaver-Gamesaver on WOOT

    Looks like a deal! Foodsaver-Gamesaver-Deluxe-plus-vacuum-sealing-kit for $79.99 on WOOT
  11. Linda

    Anyone cooked or worked with beef shoulder clod?

    I've frequently seen beef clod at my local Restaurant Depot. I haven't been there for awhile, but I'll bet they still have them.
  12. Linda

    Dogs pick owners

    Same here! Some people are not worthy of having a dog's company! Jim, seriously, what dog wouldn't pick you? :D
  13. Linda

    Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

    I have a Fagor stove top (old school with the jiggler valve) and the Cuisinart digital cooker that Rita has and I like them both. My Cuisinart cooker is the third one I've had because the first two were defective and I had to return them to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The third is the charm! I use it...
  14. Linda

    MAJOR Cooking Slump & Hiatus

    Hey RC, I don't want to go all dark and dreary on you, but if your slump is worrying you or affecting other parts of your life, maybe it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor or someone you trust about it. It could be something more than a slump and that's a place you don't want to be! On...
  15. Linda

    Do they have nothing better to do

    Jeepers! When I think about what those dogs are trained to do, I have to wonder why anyone would want to taunt one! All brawn, no brain? Apparently so.
  16. Linda

    Digital Thermometer Recommendation

    I have used a Maverick 732 for the past couple years and while it works great, it seems the probes are rather flimsy. It could me, but I think they should last longer than mine have. At any rate, my beloved hubster surprised me with a ThermoWorks ThermaQ for my B-day. He got me the kit with the...
  17. Linda

    Great Shirt for Grilling

    ChuckO, The image is printed on. Today WOOT has a shirt with a fried egg flying saucer beaming up bacon. The bacon does not look happy. Oh dear!
  18. Linda

    Great Shirt for Grilling

    I have that shirt! I just love stupid T-shirts! ;) Wait, if it features grilling or BBQ it can't be stupid!
  19. Linda

    What are your vanity mods?

    Cajun Bandit door for sure! I took one look at those doors and knew I just couldn't do one more cook without one! :p
  20. Linda

    Recipe Method Poll

    I do pretty much the same as Len and Bob. I save my recipes to a file and print them. I try to keep them in a binder but since I tend to misplace stuff I often end up taking my laptop to the kitchen. I rarely, if ever, buy a cookbook these days due to the one or two useful recipes problem.