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    Stoker Wi-Fi - Better Than Sliced Bread

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Gerd Hilkemeyer: I wanted to add some information for folks who have ordered and received new black boxes. I got mine Saturday, which coincidnetally...
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    WiFi security types for the Stoker

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content"> A couple of caveats - Once you've set up WiFi, unplug the Ethernet connection before you try to connect to it via WiFi. Also, give it a couple of minutes to come online...
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    Is there a stoker controller upgrade program?

    Sell your white box on ebay or this forum and then buy a black box Stoker.
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    WiFi security types for the Stoker

    I'm using WEP, but I'm pretty sure it does have WPA2.
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    Stokerlog For Guru?

    Why would you get a guru if you love your Stoker?
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    WOW! Stoker WiFi Is Here!!!

    Upgraded mine last night and have wifi running... I'll be using it this weekend for a "shake down cruise".
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    Wanted: Stoker Blower

    Hope it works out for you. If not, I have an extra 5 cfm fan.
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    Kettle/temp controller

    I drilled a hole. Put the adapter between the cook grate and the charcoal grate. I think there used to be a picture of it on this website.
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    Wanted: Stoker Blower

    what size fan are you looing for?
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    Kettle/temp controller

    I have a Guru adapter mounted on my OTG that I connect my Stoker up to. (installed the Guru adapter befpre I became a Stoker person) I usually use it to get high heat though, not long slow cooks.
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    Stoker WiFi software delayed

    If you are hooking directly to your computer you need a crossover cable, not a ethernet cable... but is still the place for all your cable needs.
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    Stoker WiFi software delayed

    I'm with Vincent and Mike. The guys at Rock's BBQ have been upfront with info on the firmware issues. They have had a couple of delays and put out press releases each time. Plus, they are selling the new units at a discount until the fimware issue is resolved. ...And you can still use it...
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    BB-Q Capital Cookoff Lexington NC. April 22-23

    Yeah, I was under the 'carport' in the back corner of the lot. Red pickup and trailer mounted cookers. Being where I was I didn't even bother putting up my banners.
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    BB-Q Capital Cookoff Lexington NC. April 22-23

    Sorry I missed meeting you Tim. I was setup in a parking lot away from most of the teams. What you saw was pretty std... but maybe a little more cramped in the main area. I don't know where they will have it next year if they grow it any...
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    BB-Q Capital Cookoff Lexington NC. April 22-23

    Iron Pig BBQ will be there. I should be set up somewhere near Chuck. Scottie (Cancer Sucks) will be there also.
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    Using a vacuum seaer to prep KCBS meats

    I prep at home and vac seal with a std FoodSaver. Unlike Dale, chicken is the one meat I always prep on site.
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    Stoker question (moved from another thread)

    This is just a guess given the info you posted. 1) I would say you have air coming in from somewhere besides your Stoker causing the erratic temperatures you were having. 2) It would seem that your pit probe or your meat probe isn't correct. But you didn't say what you were cooking or how big...
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    thinking about getting...........

    I don't own either.... but America's Test Kitchen recommends the 130.