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  1. Jepprey P

    First cook on my WSM 22” with new Fireboard 2 and fan

    I run the water pan the same way, foiled but empty.
  2. Jepprey P

    First cook on my WSM 22” with new Fireboard 2 and fan

    Looks like a great cook despite the weather. How do you think it turned out? Would you do anything different? What was the rub you put on the pork shoulder? Salt and pepper only?
  3. Jepprey P

    Presidents’ Day potluck.

    There's lumpia and pancit canton there...I'm in!
  4. Jepprey P

    Pork butt

    @PaulOgburn we can help with the process of posting pics, etc.
  5. Jepprey P

    Iberico Chops

    That's a solid, hearty meal during the work week that I'd eat in a heartbeat.
  6. Jepprey P

    Hey guys! I have the unicorn Weber flame fireplace

    Nice find, but too far for me. On to the next search...
  7. Jepprey P

    Anyone seen this?

    @LMichaels, a PID controller is a "proportional–integral–derivative controller." A car cruise control is a PID controller, where the controller decreased engine output (less gasoline) when going down a hill and increases engine output (more gasoline) when going up a hill. The PID controller in...
  8. Jepprey P

    Anybody own a Big Green Egg?

    I'd be inclined to consider a Weber Summit Charcoal Kamado instead of a ceramic grill. I was going to buy a used XL BGE a few weeks ago for $800, but when I saw pics of it, it was actually a large. $800 was too much for a used large BGE with weathered side tables and a nest. If you purchase a...
  9. Jepprey P

    Sealing bamboo cutting boards for outdoor use.

    Dan, I would not use these. No matter how much I prepped, oiled, and pandered to these boards (indoors, mind you), they still cracked/splitted a couple of years later. This may be a good temporary solution.
  10. Jepprey P


    Joe, those ribs look perfectly done. Hungry now.
  11. Jepprey P

    Weber Griddle

    David, no seasoning with oil is necessary due to the porcelain enamel coating. I'd use Lodge's cleaning advice for their porcelain cast iron ( on your Weber griddle: 1. Allow cookware to cool. 2. Hand wash with...
  12. Jepprey P

    Interesting go anywhere stuff

    I may need to pass on this one... Santa Maria Grill for Weber® Go-Anywhere™ ( $270 AUD / $191 USD
  13. Jepprey P

    Eat Your Spice Rack

    No problem, Joan. Yes, sorry. Even those Thai green chiles are known to be hot. Maybe riff off of the original recipe and just use one or two alternative peppers that are more appropriate heat level? Love your avocation for new food creations.
  14. Jepprey P

    Eat Your Spice Rack

    Spicy Chicken with Fresh Thai Basil, 'Gai Pad Horapa' 1 Pound Chicken Breast 9 Cloves Garlic 24 Green Chiles 2.5 tbsp Fish Sauce 2 tsp Sugar 1 Cup Fresh Thai Basil 1 Handful Dried Holy Basil 1/4 Cup Water Put the dried holy basil into a bowl with hot water. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then...
  15. Jepprey P

    Interesting go anywhere stuff

    Joe, yes you can:
  16. Jepprey P

    Interesting go anywhere stuff

    So, the flatpack rotisserie riser has made an appearance on eBay UK. ( The seller ships to the U.S. and the total cost with shipping and tax is GBP 97.62, which is about $113.49 USD...
  17. Jepprey P

    Converting Weber Q to charcoal

    Not mine, but from the Facebook "Weber Q" group (, a Q2200 charcoal cook.
  18. Jepprey P

    Interesting go anywhere stuff

    Sort of. It is a replacement plate, but Zifa Grills makes a stainless steel replica of the original (seen above in the third picture of my post from yesterday). This one was made to provide more heat at the grill grate level for grilling. Apparently, some customers complained that the...
  19. Jepprey P

    Interesting go anywhere stuff

    Probably not necessary, but I have a smaller flavorizer plate on that one and the deflector keeps the heat more north and south. Que-Tensils makes a "radiator plate" for the CGA - I wonder if that's the same one used in the YouTube video you watched. The Que-Tensils version sits at the grill...