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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    Every fall I fully scrub mine down. Then 2 full chimneys to dry and kill anything. I actually did it today. Question I have. I’ve had a gasket on mine and its been there for 4 or 5 years. Anyone ever do anything special to clean it? I think trying to remove it would be horrible. I...
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    Reverse searing experience

    Try it again with out the bacon. The bacon is gonna cause the flare ups.
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    Why don't we all just wait and see how well it holds temp and see results before we all make a decision. Can we really smoke 3 butts like pictured where ever I saw that(I think they where butts). Snake method? Minion(no need for the gas starter then)? Still need the chimney. Are we going to...
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    Mold? Ok to cook with?

    Well I didn't cook on it. Did a burn for 3 hours and it went away. I'll see what it looks like tomorrow.
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    Mold? Ok to cook with?

    Mold? Moisture build up? Ok to cook with? Got the wsm out today to do some chicken. It has been used since fall. The kettle and Genesis do not look like that but have used both this winter. Looks like moisture build up. Doesn't look like mold but would rather be safe than sorry. Anyone...
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    40 pounds of pork butts in the 18.5" WSM (with photos)

    I tried 4 large butts before and had the same outcome. To much meat for a fully loaded 18 to get 4 of them to 203. I had to pull and go to the oven also after the 18-20 hour mark. Hope everyone enjoyed them
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    Grill Brush Cleaning Tip

    Good idea. I normally have about 3 or 4 laying around and just toss them out once they are gunned up... I see on the weber site they have replaceable brissels, but they never have them in retail stores around here.
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    Cajun Bandit Steel Door for WSM 18.5 -- Not Good

    I ended up ordering the handle to go with it. It pulls it nice and tight and there is no leaks. Very pleased now
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    Hey All of You 26.75" Kettle Owners

    Im in the same boat. 22 doesn't seem big enough. I end up doing half on the genesis. Im curious as well.
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    Is grilling over gas better than charcoal?

    I think cooking over fire actually taste best. :p I guess I really don't notice the difference. I will have to make some meals on both to really compare. A lot of it I think is how excited you are about what your making. My dad growing up thought every meal was the best he had. Steaks and...
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    Grilling some steaks on my first rehab

    Great job! I keep reading these post and I always find myself on Craigslist looking. I don't need a grill I just want to fix them up. Enjoy!
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    What do you do for a living? *****

    I manage a grocery store. I come home almost everyday with something to grill. Spring fever!
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    No Charcoal At HD?

    My local store had 5 pallets that first day. Was there yesterday and there out now.
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    Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale

    I just grabbed 5. Ill probably go back and get 5 more.
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    Cajun Bandit Steel Door for WSM 18.5 -- Not Good

    CB door gap I bought the gasket kit and door last year. Used the door twice last year and it did leak some and figured the gasket kit would fix it. I installed the gasket kit just 24 hours ago and will see if it leaks this weekend. Im thinking its going to. Here are some of the pics...
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    No left overs...Had to do another

    No left overs on Sunday....Had to pick up another. Grab a chicken while I was there also. And my 1st post!