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  1. Claude M

    Coffee Grinder Cleaning

    I have yet to take the baratza (conical) apart to clean and we have had it now for a few years. KitchenAid, 3X maybe 4X a year when the grinds became uneven. The static problem can be very annoying. On the KitchenAid we switched from the glass catcher to a metal gold filter basket we used on the...
  2. Claude M

    So Look What the Wife Found

    Nice find! I have a 220, it's my daily driver. I got it 14-15 years ago. Great little grill.
  3. Claude M

    WSM 18.5 Find

  4. Claude M

    And we wonder why brick and mortar stores fail

    You are so right. Same thing happened in the retail audio market. Today a visit to an audio dealer is by appointment only and the bulk of their business is installations (home theater systems, not 2 channel stuff).
  5. Claude M

    Anyone Here Using this Coffee Grinder?

    This Fellows Opus Conical came out after we got the Baratza. i might have bit on this one had it been available at the time:
  6. Claude M

    Anyone Here Using this Coffee Grinder?

    Very interesting thread, and a good read. Here are our coffee habits, if it can be called that: We purchase all our coffee from these 2 places (for many years now). We like medium roasts and light roasts. 60oz water to about 100g of beans...depends on the bean, we use a scale every morning and...
  7. Claude M

    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    Me and my dear wife.
  8. Claude M

    Found this at Costco today

    I've been enjoying their Cognac for a few years now. Try it if you enjoy Cognac, you won't be disappointed. I've been wanting to try one of their single malts, so thank you for posting this.
  9. Claude M

    Stainless Lid on Genesis Gold C

    I called Weber and spoke with a support person. She sent me an email to which I responded with a photo as instructed. I think my mistake was removing the shield and tossing it into the thrash without photographing it first. What they see in the photo is a clean lid without a shield. As long as...
  10. Claude M

    Stainless Lid on Genesis Gold C

    Thank you all for the excellent suggestions and advice. I never called, just opened one of those support tickets online. The other thing that is likely the reason the agent didn't think it was necessary to replace it is that the photos I uploaded showed the lid apart and the shield removed. I...
  11. Claude M

    Stainless Lid on Genesis Gold C

    I purchased this excellent grill in 2004. It doesn't owe me anything and it's really been a great cooker for me when I want to use gas. The inner shield rusted out on the lid and I've been dealing with it, but it got to the point where I couldn't stop the smoke flakes from falling into the...
  12. Claude M

    Weber Smoker in NJ

    Not me selling, rarely post, however I thought you folks would get a kick out of this one: Attached file in case someone actually buys it!
  13. Claude M

    Pork butt and pork burnt ends

    Your post inspires me to get cooking! That looks so good. I have 3 butts in the freezer I need to get to.
  14. Claude M

    Chicken and ribeye on my Q1200.

    Those Q grills are amazing. I went from a Genesis which I still own to a Q2200 some 12 years ago. When not using the Performer I use the Q. You can butterfly a chicken, place it on a foil cupped up so the fat doesn't run off and you're in business in about 1hr 20 mins (4.5lbs). Your steaks look...
  15. Claude M


  16. Claude M

    Thermapen One

    I have an original and the one before the mk4. Been eyeing the mk4 for many years. Took advantage at the nice price of the mk4.
  17. Claude M

    30% Off Smoke X Long-Range Cooking Alarm Thermometer

    Did a brisket and a pork butt a couple of weeks ago using the X4 with a billows for the first time. It works as advertised. I do overnight cooks mostly and in the morning my temps drop to around 170F. With this, 230F set at 225. The range for the transmitter and receiver works about 1000% better...
  18. Claude M

    does anyone have favorite technique or recipe for wild sockeye salmon?

    Our favorite is Grilled Salmon Kyoto. Just do a search and you'll find it.
  19. Claude M

    First cook using Billows with Smoke X4

    I purchased one a couple of weeks ago. Have to get to it and give it a try.
  20. Claude M

    Monday night is pizza night.

    Is that sausage on there? My absolute favorite topping! looks very yummy :)