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  1. Chris E

    Refurbish or buy new?

    Little gas grills ok for hot dogs and camping. As for temp contorl, If the one-touch vanes are trashed as you indicate you basically have zero temp control. so don't judge based on that. The "vanes" in the bottom get bent up by charcoal bits or baked on lumps of stuff from indirect cooking...
  2. Chris E

    Cooking those Flaps of rib meat that is boneless?

    That should do the trick. If you have some different rubs laying around and you have a bag of these pieces try using different rubs on each for a comparo. Good luck!
  3. Chris E

    Ancho Cherry Baby Back Ribs with Root Beer Baked Beans

    Rich, Can you share your baked bean recipe using dried beans? what type etc. I'm also interested in your "low sodium" bacon. I like to make my own ketchup and such to control sodium and sugar in my sauces and such. I'm going to take a stab at my own beans. I make beans all the time but...
  4. Chris E

    Turkey Breast Question

    I cook Turkey breast all year and usually between 7.5 to 8.5 lbs. I smoke them in WSM at 225-250 for 1.5-2 hrs until the internal temp hits 130 then I open up the vents and let the temps rise for crisp skin. I put the meat probe for the Maverick remote therm into the breast tenderloin until...
  5. Chris E

    Grilling Chestnuts

    Anybody grill chestnuts? Read about it for years. Tried one a long time ago and seemed ok. But I have some friends loving them and said I should be grilling them over lump or wood and then using them in everything from dip to side dishes or just munching on them with a little salt during...
  6. Chris E

    Skool me on Squash, Please.

    My kids of all people went bonkers for grilled squash many years back. I found I prefer to grill them without oil--Tuscan style of grilling dry veggies over coals and drizzling them on the plate with olive oil (flavored or not) or other simple sauces. Salt and pepper them in a big bowl or...
  7. Chris E

    Grilling: Basic Steak On The Grill

    As long as TVWBB doesn't have to start a microwave forum because Weber makes one I think we'll be long arguing about searing and reverse searing and rub, no rub etc. It's all just chemistry but Tradition is just as much a part of it for me. How my dad or uncle did it...the family...
  8. Chris E

    Can't even cook for flare ups!

    I get my gasser as hot as possible then turn off the middle 2 burners and do the burgers on indirect in the middle. At the end I move them over to the hot section over the burning burners to brown it up a little. most of the fat is out by then. We like our burgers med rare or a little...
  9. Chris E

    Apple juice substitute?

    I've used pomegranate juice in foil with ribs. People loved it. I also use bourbon sometimes as well.
  10. Chris E

    Rib help, is it time to wrap these???

    I usually go 3 hrs before wrapping the ribs in foil. After foiling they won't pick up much color. If you glaze your ribs with sauce this may not be a big deal. I stick pretty close to the 3-2-1 method for smoke-foil-finish. After they come out of the foil I usually hit them with a...
  11. Chris E

    Best Minion Method

    I dump the lit coals on top of the pile. I used the center can method for a while but didn't seem to make a big difference. I think your start method should be compatible with how you position your smoke wood. If you dump a chunk on top of the center lit coals then the can is probably good...
  12. Chris E

    Throwdown #23: Baby Back Ribs

    Those look finger-licking good! What's in your Memphis style rub?
  13. Chris E

    Camping Bird

    Great idea camping. Good think you can pack the mini with chicken to feed all those boys and girls :)
  14. Chris E

    Request for Weber tattoo photos!

    Go Bolts! I'm looking for a good reason to get a tatoo but haven't found one for me.
  15. Chris E

    Throwdown #23: Baby Back Ribs

    Twice-Cooked Asian Ribs I was trying to do something like the asian bar ribs you find at several restaurants. We had some friends over for Dinner so I wanted to do cross between chicken wings and Ribs. My thought was to smoke some ribs partially done, cut them, and finish on the kettle to...
  16. Chris E

    Grilled baby backs?

    I went with the baby backs and they came out tasty. I'll be posting it on the throwdown forum.
  17. Chris E

    Tony Chachere's Smoked Turkey Legs

    Looking good. Injecting turkey legs helps with flavor. I'm not a big fan of the turkey leg craze--a lot of tendons and you have to work for the meat. I always do the turkey breast in a very similar method and the legs and thighs cut up ride along on the lower rack. I like to cut the dark...
  18. Chris E

    Grilled baby backs?

    Peter I think I'll go with your suggestion. Normally I do 3-2-1 spares. but I think baby backs cook less time. And if I separate them at the end that might speed it up too. I want to get a nice bark on the ribs with five spice but it can burn if not careful Maybe do a 2-2-1 with the...
  19. Chris E

    Grilled baby backs?

    I was thinking about doing some CSRs with five spice to get something sort of like ribs at PF Changs that my wife and friend really like. Indirect, crispy outside with rub and no sauce. Then I was wondering if I found some fairly meaty baby backs and cut them up before cooking maybe that...
  20. Chris E

    What causes rubbery chicken skins?

    pat dry chicken. I like to grill chicken halves indirect on kettle using high indirect heat 375-425 skin side up and they take about an hour and 15 or 30 minutes. Rub skin with olive oil, then apply rub or seasonings. Cook indirect on high heat. I only use direct to crisp up skin in rare...