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    Weber Low & Slow Kit

    Yes I get that, sorry if I was unclear, what’s the benefit of the enamel, why not stainless steel??
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    Weber Low & Slow Kit

    What’s the benefit of the enameled charcoal ring?
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    Weber charcoal heat controller, the Weber Vortex?

    I didn’t see that, what does it even mean? Ni-plated steel? I would expect stainless steel at that price. If this is a real product?
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    Weber charcoal heat controller, the Weber Vortex?

    Well, even the Vortex has that mode.
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    Weber charcoal heat controller, the Weber Vortex?

    Anyone heard about this?
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    Weber iGrill probes and Fireboard 2?

    I got my FB2 yesterday and the old Weber probes works well with it.
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    New: Weber Floor Protection Mat

    It is not fireproof, hot coals will burn through it alarmingly fast, no need to ask how I know. It is ”heat resistant” whatever that means, it sure can handle some heat but primarily it protects the deck from oil and marinade spills, you get som extra seconds to pick up glowing coal but that is all.
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    Weber iGrill probes and Fireboard 2?

    I’m about to ditch my Weber iGrill 2 due to constant connection problems and decided to get a Fireboard 2. Anyone know if I can use the Weber probes with the Fireboard, got six of them, and the Fireboard comes with three probes.
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    Slow n Sear Question Or, if you have enough charcoal, just open the vents with the lid cracked and let it get up in temp. If I’m in a hurry I use the (old) hairdryer.
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    Hoping third times the charm for my SnS

    I have no problem keeping my Weber with SnS at 100 C, 212 F. Light about ten briquettes, put at one end of a full basket, waterpan full and vents really small. I do have a gasket on the lid and two bricks under my dripngriddlre. Steady for hours. No creosote. Guess you have a leak somewhere.
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, Black 18301001 NEW - $800

    if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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    How do you like and use your slow N sear

    I would get the 22 inch deluxe, you can use that in both and you get the removable water pan.
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    Smaller grates please

    I put my grates in the dishwashe every two or three weeks, between that I just brush them off while hot. You have to remove the upper rack in the dishwasher and put them in diagonally, it’s a tight fit but it works for me. And I only do grates and other stainless grill stuff, extender grates, my...
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    New EX6 for Christmas, got one cook out of it!

    As long as the current rating of the fuse is correct, using a 250V fuse in a 120V system is no problem, it’s actually a good idea since the risk of arcing when the fuse blows is reduced. But don’t do it the other way around!
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    Freezer issue while thawing turkey!

    Remove the turkey, wrap in some/a lot of blankets and see what happens in the next hour or two. Your turkey won’t notice what happened and you might find out if the freezer/fridge combo is faulty.
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    Hunsaker has a new "KETTLE FIREWALL" for Zone Cooking aka Banking

    For $ 10 more I would go with a Slow ’n Sear. Protects the kettle wall and watercontainer included. If you never see any need for a watercontainer you can use their simple baskets, still protects the kettle. Cheaper steel but still would probably outlive the kettle. But I only have 3 S’nS so...
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    Something has possessed my wife!

    Just go with the flow. Newer question what’s good!
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    Dual Fuel Ovens.

    Induction is faster than gas, safer, doesn’t heat up the kitchen, emits no combustion fumes, more energy efficient, you get a nice flat surface which is easy to keep clean ... Since we went induction, more than 15 years ago, we’ve never looked back, still have a gas stove in our caravan but even...
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    WGA - GrillGrates don't fit due to the lid hanger, notching the grates voids the warranty?

    Fair question! maybe it isn’t cost effective, it would add an extra step, probably requiring manual handling, the extrusion and cutting I believe is highly automated. But this is just me guessing, I agree with you on the fundamental question. Mikael
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    WGA - GrillGrates don't fit due to the lid hanger, notching the grates voids the warranty?

    Grillgrates have been up front about this for some time, i.e. at least one or two years. So either you send them back or make a notch in them. What is the warranty really worth? on the other hand, if you have a warranty claim clearly unrelated to your notch I do hope that they will be a decent...